10 things you can't do at a rock concert

Published At: 05 October 2019 , 07:21 AM

If you can study the geography of rock clubs based on your broken teeth and broken ribs, you most likely need to reconsider your behavior. Here are some simple rules.

Do not drink hot drinks near the stage You arrived by car, so instead of your own powder beer, you took a coffee. Fine! Drink it near the bar and don’t get on the dance floor. There some kind of insane youth will shove you there. And instead of going home with a stately-breasted stranger, you will go to the burn department to the accompaniment of "Thief" from the ambulance radio.

Do not stick on the phone It’s clear that you can’t come up with a better place for an online correspondence than a rock concert. But still try to stick your gadget away for a while and enjoy the music. Otherwise, you run the risk of slipping on the chipset or bumping your forehead with the same nerd. Do not try to carry alcohol If you are not driving and want to relax properly, do not chase cheapness. Yes, the prices are much higher in the bar, but if the guard finds a bottle wrapped around his foot, he will put it about the same place where we advised putting the gadget. Well, or just doesn’t let you go to the concert. Do not communicate with strange subjects A drunk man happily treated you to beer, but when he heard that you thought Aerosmith was cooler than AC / DC, he wanted to kill you? A familiar story! Try to limit your circle of friends at the concert to friends, a girl and a bartender. Then you do not have to listen to the story of another neurotic about how he dreamed of becoming a guitarist but became a Trudovik. Do not cuddle other girls When a lady with a gentleman is ahead of you, try to keep a pioneering distance. If the crowd is pushing behind, you can put your hand forward. Anyway, this is better than getting a girl from a companion for mythical harassment. If beauty is one, then you still do not need to cuddle. Why feed your inner pervert when you can just get to know her? Do not try to crawl into the dressing room You will probably be very surprised, but performing on stage is quite hard work, after which you need rest. Imagine: out of breath, wet through the musicians finally finish the performance, sit in the dressing room, open the kefir - and then ... you appear! “Give an autograph!”, “Can I take a picture?”, “Oh, and you are so tall in the photographs” and so on. Believe me, do not bother people. And if you desperately need to shake hands with your idols, then just wait for them at the service entrance. Otherwise, you risk getting a unique autograph in the form of a finger under the eye. Rockers are like that. Do not jump from the stage In the videos, it seems that diving into the crowd is very cool. However, if you don’t feel the power of Japanese kamikaze in yourself, it’s better to just watch the show. Health is still useful to you, and nobody calculated the percentage of divers who plowed their nose as a result of the earth. Do not be indifferent to other people's problems The man standing next to him was stunned by stuffiness, and he fainted. No need to delicately step over it and pretend that nothing happened. Call the guard and together drag this fat body into the air. It is likely that it will also thank you with a glass of tea or a Brezhnev kiss. Even if not, your conscience will be clear and you will not curse yourself for indifference for the rest of your life. Do not load others with unnecessary information Believe me, your friends don't care that you lost your virginity in this ninth grade. People came to the concert to watch the performance of the artists, and not to listen to your second-rate stories. Instead of yelling to a friend in the ear the translation of a sounding song, give him the opportunity to imbue with music and take a break from your endless chatter. Do not hide your emotions If you really like the band, then feel free to sing along to the musicians, wave your hands and shake the remnants of a once luxurious hair. And it doesn’t matter that you are forty-two, and on the weekend you will take your mother-in-law to the country. If you do not give free rein to your feelings, a feeling of longing and dissatisfaction will settle in you. And this is much worse than all the abrasions and scratches combined.