Published At: 20 March 2020 , 02:38 PM

Sometimes in the crazy rhythm of city life, we ​​forget about our good health and care for it. To improve this skill, we suggest you follow five useful tips from the trainers of the Kyiv fitness club BODY ART / FITNESS.

Drive more

The need for movement is inherent in man by nature. Therefore, regular activity strengthens the body, improves mood, improves performance and, of course, forms a beautiful figure. Add to your schedule jogging, daily walks in the fresh air, cycling, an active hobby - and the result will not belong in coming.

Keep an eye on the diet

If you eat chaotically or on the go, the metabolism will slow down, and excess fatty tissue will accumulate. For food to be beneficial, the diet must be balanced. And this means that you should not get carried away with one thing - vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, legumes and dairy products need to alternate among themselves.

Also, try to eat fractionally - that is, 4-5 times a day in small portions. It will help maintain good health blood sugar levels and reduce the chances of overeating. If you regularly eat at about the same time, it will signal to the body that food is always available, and the body will begin to burn calories instead of accumulating them actively.

Another recommendation from nutritionists is to adhere to the “equator rule”: this means that the most high-calorie foods, as well as foods containing fructose, glucose and lactose, must be consumed before 15:00. If you ignore this rule, the sumo phenomenon will come into play, which will entail weight gain, even if a person consumes fewer calories than he spends.

Drink a lot

Supporting a healthy water balance improves the state of the cardiovascular system and skin condition, strengthens the joints, and also positively affects mood. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of clean water daily. But do not overdo it - between each new portion of water should take about 2 hours.

By the way, the first glass of water is the best drunk on an empty stomach - this starts the gastrointestinal tract, makes up for the nightly fluid loss and prepares the body for complete assimilation of food at breakfast.

Observe the daily routine

A universally correct daily regimen does not exist - it all depends on the characteristics of the organism of a particular person. But our body loves stability - therefore, the development and observance of a specific schedule help it to get more benefits from ordinary activities (for example, classes in a fitness club) and has a positive effect on the nervous system and performance. 

Get enough sleep

It seems unobvious, but proper sleep helps to establish many processes in the body. And it doesn’t matter if you worked out an intensive training today or actively resolved work issues all day long.

To help the body recover entirely during the night, do not drink coffee after 3 p.m., ventilate the bedroom well half an hour before bedtime, try not to use gadgets at least an hour before bedtime, and, most importantly, try to fall asleep on the same day you woke up.