5 rules for thin guys who want to build muscle

Published At: 25 January 2020 , 03:04 PM

There is an opinion that to become an athlete, a person must have a predisposition to muscle building. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. This is a mistake and an excuse for those who tried little and could not achieve what they wanted. If you have an asthenic physique - to build muscle and train them effectively, you need to adhere to a few rules and know what types of exercises you need to perform. We will tell you about what will help you. 

1 Training Regularity 

It is a mistake to believe that you can change your figure by working several times with heavyweight. This attitude prevents you from doing the right exercises correctly. You put a lot of stress on the joints, not on the muscles, and as a result, the first ones begin to hurt. There can be no intense training with sore joints. Also, serious injury can be earned, as the joint can become deformed under extreme exposure. It's worth exercising with a weight well below the limit. So you will have the opportunity to train more often. Recommended exercises for regular training with weights are traction, squat, bench press. Six ways to make training less dangerous for joints. 

2 explosive exercises 

These are exercises that need to be performed quickly, for a limited, small-time. If you tend to hazardous physical activity, such training will be most fruitful. This is one of the best ways to develop muscle for those with asthenic physique. In addition, explosive exercises develop the ability to make maximum effort in a short time span. An excellent exercise to start is a fall from a height followed by a jump. Stand on a low ledge (a cube, a stool or something else) and take a leap, and after landing, take the second. Some more simple exercises: jumping from foot to foot, jumping on steps, long jump with kettlebells in hands, simple long jumps. 

3 Bodyweight Exercises 

Do not forget about them. Exercises with pancakes and dumbbells are a great workout for athletes. But it is worth remembering about activities with your weight (pull-ups, leg lifting for the abs, push-ups). Such exercises are especially important for thin people because they are ideally suited for the type of muscle development, devoid of imbalances. It is important to remember that each workout with its own weight should consist of at least five exercises (it is better to include 7-8 exercises). To assemble a set of exercises you need from different parts. For example, two exercises on the upper body, two on the bottom and two on the muscles of the core. Each exercise is performed in at least 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. What exercises may come in handy: Lower body: the bridge on one leg, squats "Pistol" on a hill, lunges to the side. On the muscles of the cortex: "Rock-climber," retention of legs, "Scorpio." On the upper body: back push-ups, walking strap, burpee. Six exercises that quickly pump all parts of the pectoral muscles 

4 Take a "Farmer's Walk" 

This is the name of the exercise, in which you have to walk with weight in lowered hands. It can be anything - pancakes, weights, dumbbells, grocery bags. It would seem to be a simple exercise, but it helps well the development of the following muscles: abs, forearm, buttocks, calf. The Farmer's Walk is crucial as it significantly increases overall stamina. And it will come in handy for future training. 

5 Avoid Overwork 

Do not push yourself to the limit, as if training is a battle not for life, but death. Remember the consequences. Consult with professionals (trainer, doctor) to calculate as accurately as possible what loads are necessary and permissible. If you do not have any experience, the initiative is dangerous at first. It is better to start training under the supervision of at least an experienced person. He will help you in setting up the correct technique for performing exercises, which will protect you from injuries and positively affect progress. And do not forget about proper nutrition, if you want the body to help you improve, and not reject your attempts to find the desired shape. Remember two simple rules: follow your daily protein intake based on body weight; you must spend fewer calories than you consume. If you adhere to all of the above recommendations, then you will achieve excellent results. And a thin physique does not prevent this.