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    Date of Birth: May 26, 1969

    Age: 51 years

    Place of Birth: Lviv, Ukraine

    Growth: 167

    Family status: married to Leonid Agutin


    Anzhelika Varum is a famous Russian pop singer and songwriter. Varum bears the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and is a member of the International Union of Pop Art Workers. The celebrity's creative biography started back in the early 90s; even then, the young performer managed to take place in the first row of the Russian stage. Today, the singer continues her creative path, without lowering the bar that she took over 25 years ago.

    Childhood and youth

    Maria Varum (the real name of the famous singer) was born in Ukrainian Lviv, which was part of the Soviet Union. Her parents are creative and famous people. Father Yuri Itskhakovich Varum is a renowned composer, and mother Galina Mikhailovna Shapovalova is a theater director. Due to her parents' continuous tours, the girl had to spend most of her childhood with her grandmother.

    Parents of Angelica Varum

    Maria attended a comprehensive school in Lviv and studied music at home under her father's guidance, who was categorically against state music schools. He believed that the framework set by the program limited the creativity of children.

    From the age of 5, the girl learned to play the piano, and in her teens, she mastered the guitar on her own. In high school, Varum was a member of the school troupe and even went on tour. She not only played roles in various performances but also sang Ukrainian folk songs with her guitar accompaniment.

    Angelica Varum as a child

    The scene attracted the girl so much that she went to Moscow and submitted documents to the famous Shchukin Theater School after receiving a certificate. But the applicant failed the exams, so she had to return to her parents and start working part-time in her father's studio, performing backing vocals. Also, the girl worked for several years as a backing singer with pop stars.


    In 1989, the aspiring singer recorded two solo songs written by her father. They were Midnight Cowboy and Hello and Goodbye. The first of them becomes an all-Union hit. With him, Varum made her debut as a singer in the television program "Morning Star". Then she takes the pseudonym Angelica, changing her grandmother's affectionate domestic treatment, who called her Angel.

    After two years, Angelica Varum's first full-length album, Good-Bye, My Boy, was released and immediately became popular. The title song, which tells about the separation of young lovers because of the fall of the USSR and repeats the aphorism "Goodbye, my boy" as a refrain, became the anthem of that time for the singer's peers.

    In 1992, the artist received an invitation for cooperation from the Prima Donna Russian stage. Experience in the "Theater of Alla Pugacheva" helped Varum to rise to a new level in his work.

    The second album, "La-la-fa," in 1993 strengthened Varum's popularity. The song "The Artist Who Draws the Rain" became a famous hit, the song "Town" for a long time was the soundtrack to the popular humorous show of the same name, and "La-la-fa" nominated for the "Song of the Year" award.

    The next disc of 1995 "Autumn Jazz" received the "Ovation" award as the best album, the song of the same name became the best video clip, and Angelica Varum herself was named the singer of the year. Subsequent records "Two minutes from love" and "Winter cherry" strengthened popularity among fans, but did not bring new awards.

    For a couple of years, Varum takes a break from his musical career and tries himself as an actress. She played the role of Ukrainian Katya in the play "The Pose of an Emigrant" by director Leonid Trushkin based on the game "Banker" by Hanna Slutsky. Angelica received the Seagull Theater Award for her excellent performance in this production. Around the same time, she played one of the first roles in the movie "The Sky in Diamonds".

    In 2016 Angelica Varum presented a new album called "The Woman Walked". The singer independently wrote the lyrics of the original disc, and the composer Igor Krutoy was the author of the music. The album consists of 12 lyrical, musical compositions that reveal the fragile spiritual world of a contemporary.

    Fans call the disc the "creative confession" of the singer, and the video for the song "Late Love" is compared to footage from the movie "Three Poplars on Plyushchikha ". The premiere of the album, which included the songs "The Voice", "My Love", "Your Light", took place within the framework of the "New Wave - 2016" competition at the creative evening of Igor Krutoy. A year later, the artist's video library replenished two new works for the songs "Mama" and "Girls Can Do". The performer's videography includes dozens of music videos.

    Personal life

    The famous singer's first husband was her former classmate, and later the illuminator at concerts, Maxim Nikitin. Parents were against this marriage of their daughter, together with Maria they left for Moscow. But the chosen one Varum followed her. After Maxim served in the army, they got married. This marriage lasted eight years, but the spouses never had children - Angelica was passionate about her musical career.

    During this period, Angelica's father entered into a new marriage, in which his son, the singer's half-brother Mikhail, was born in 1990.

    In 1997, changes took place in the singer's personal life. Varum met Leonid Agutin, who became her partner on stage. The creative union eventually grew into a full-fledged relationship, and Leonid became the star's life companion. In 1999, Angelica gave birth to a child from Agutin, and the musicians decided to formalize the relationship. They officially became spouses in 2000, a year after the birth of their daughter Elizabeth. The artists played the wedding in Venice.