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Published At: 27 October 2019 , 05:17 PM


Anna Dziuba is a singer known under the pseudonym Asti. Together with Artem Umrikhin aka Artik sings in the pop duo Artik & Asti.


Anya was born on June 24, 1990 in the Ukrainian town of Cherkasy, picturesquely located on the banks of the Dnieper. The girl loves her small homeland - here she becomes comfortable in her soul.

The girl who grew up in a creative family was imbued with magic music from the cradle. Together with her older sister, she constantly invented various scenes that she willingly showed to parents and neighbors, arranged improvised performances and fashion shows. At school, Anya did not miss a single musical event, she participated in concerts with pleasure, and the cassettes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey , owned by her sister, were heard to the holes.

She always liked the stage and the attention of the public, therefore, already in her teens, she seriously decided to become a singer. True, the girl did not know how she could succeed in show business, it seemed to her that for this she needed money and connections, which she did not have then. Therefore, after graduation, she looked for herself in other professions, having managed to work as a makeup artist and even as an assistant to a lawyer. In parallel, I recorded my first demo records and posted them on the Internet. 


It is not known how Anna’s life would have happened if one day a phone call had not suddenly sounded in her apartment. She was phoned by a young producer Artem Umrikhin, who was looking for a soloist for his new project. By that time he was already well-known in the musical party: he collaborated with Anna Sedokova , Ivan Dorn , Dzhigan and other famous performers.

“When Artik called me, I honestly was in shock. By that time, my hands had already dropped, I didn’t want anything, and mentally resigned myself to cooking borscht and doing housework.”

Having stumbled on the tracks of Anna on the Web, Artem immediately realized that he needed her. The phone of the young singer was prompted by the creator of the group "Mushrooms" Yuri Bardash . Artik immediately offered the girl cooperation, and soon the guys recorded the first joint song in a Kiev recording studio. So the duet Artik & Asti arose, which a year later loudly declared itself with the track “My Last Hope”. About one and a half million people watched the video for this song in a month.

Soon the duo moved to Moscow, where the young performers began a completely different life, consisting of dense studio work, intense concert activity and frequent touring trips.

It was not easy for Anya to immediately adapt to such a rhythm, but Artyom was always there, who became not only a partner on the stage, but also a loyal ally, best friend and adviser. In addition, the indescribable emotions from entering the stage, the energy of the auditorium and the sensations of a dream that finally came true more than compensated for all the difficulties.

The girl recalled that at the dawn of her career she was quite well-fed. She was badly injured by articles in the tabloids, where she was reproached for being overweight, and comments by subscribers who called her frankly fat. Yoga, meditation and stretching helped the singer lose weight.

In 2013, the debut’s first album, “RayOdinFor Two,” was released, and six months later Artik and Asti were nominated for the Russian Music Box channel award (“Best Promotion” category). The second album "Here and Now" has become one of the most popular for 2015 according to Yandex.Music. And the video for the song “You Can Do Anything”, based on the film “50 Shades of Gray,” starring Agnia Ditkovskite , brought several more prestigious awards to young musicians.

In 2016, the group received two nominations for the RU.TV award (“Best Start” and “Best Role in the Video”) and a nomination for the Muz-TV Award (“Breakthrough of the Year”). In the summer of the same year, the musicians released the single “I am yours” (lead composition from the upcoming album), a little later I saw the light and the clip, which as always could boast of excellent camera work, however, many listeners decided that the video looks more like an action movie and does not fit to a romantic song.

In the spring of 2017, the third album of the duet “Number 1” was released, which, like the previous ones, aroused the most lively interest of the public. 


 Unlike many popular people, Anna tries not to advertise her personal life. She had a loved one, he was not from the artistic sphere, and by the nature of her activity, the singer did not see him as often as she would like. Perhaps because of this, their relationship was doomed, and in 2018 Anna survived a painful breakup.

But the beauty was not alone for long. Soon she had a new young man. In July 2019, when Asti began to show the engagement ring in fresh photos, the telegram channel “Only Nobody” managed to declassify the name of her lover. The man of her heart is Stanislav Yurkin, he (at the time of the beginning of their relationship) was 40 years old, behind his shoulders was his first marriage, in which his daughter Varia was born. He also has no relation to the stage, owns his own bar.

Recently, the singer opened her own beauty salon “Beauty Bureau by Anna Asti” in the capital of Russia, and she devotes all her free time to music to her new brainchild. 


In September 2017, Anna and Artem presented to the public, together with singer Glucose, creativity. The video for the song “I Only Smell You” turned out to be very frank - the heroine of Natalya Ionova showed Asti unequivocal signs of attention.

A month later, the artist launched her own clothing line “Selfmade by Asti”. Around the same time, the group sang the song "Indivisible" in a duet together with Rada Boguslavskaya , a member of the "New Star Factory".

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