Best Five types of Massage Therapy

Published At: 24 November 2019 , 04:43 PM

Massage therapy is applied to help manage a health state or enhance wellness. It includes manipulating the soft tissues of the body. Massage therapy has been followed in most societies, both Eastern and Western, everywhere human history, and was one of the earliest devices that people used to try to reduce pain. 

The term “massage therapy” involves multiple techniques. The most popular form of massage therapy in Western countries is called Swedish or classical massage; it is the hub of most massage coaching programs. Other techniques include sports massage, clinical massage to achieve specific goals such as releasing muscle spasms and massage traditions that originated from Eastern civilizations, such as Tuina and Shiatsu. 

Best Five types of Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is a moderate type of full-body massage that’s perfect for people who:

Are new to massage

Are sensitive to touch

have a lot of stress

It can assist release muscle knots, and it’s also a good option for when you desire to fully relax during a massage.

For this massage, you’ll remove your clothes, though you may wish to keep your underwear on. You’ll be covered with a sheet while sleeping on the massage table. The massage therapist will move the sheet to reveal areas that they are actively working on.

The massage therapist will utilize a combination of:


deep circular motions

passive joint movement techniques

vibration and tapping

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is a good choice if you have repetitive use of damage to a muscle, such as what you may gain from playing a sport. It’s also a good choice if you’re prone to injuries because it can be practiced to help counter sports injuries. You may also use sports massage to enhance compliance and performance. Additionally, sports massage can be used to reduce pain, anxiety, and muscle strain.

A sports massage can be performed as a full-body massage or the massage therapist may concentrate on the parts of the body that need the most concentration. Intense pressure may be shifted with soothing strokes depending on your wants.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy is the best choice for people who want to feel comfortable and relieve pain, stress, and tension. It’s a Japanese type of massage that:

improves emotional and physical calm and relaxation

may relieve headache

assists to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression

decreases muscle tension

Shiatsu massage manages the whole body, but your therapist may concentrate on areas of your body that require extra attention. During the massage, your therapist will utilize their palms, hands, and thumbs to massage specific points of your body. Pulsing or rhythmic force is used. You can be fully covered during this massage.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal massage therapy can be a reliable method for women to get a massage during pregnancy. It can help decrease pregnancy body aches, lessen stress, and ease muscle stress. You can get a massage at any moment during your pregnancy. However, many facilities, particularly in the United States, do not offer massages to women in their first trimester due to the danger of miscarriage through this time.

Prenatal massage practices mild pressure similar to Swedish massage. The therapist will focus on areas such as your lower hips, back, and legs. You can be fully or partially unclothed depending on your convenience level. During the massage, you’ll either sleep on your side or a specially produced table with a cutout for your belly. If you’ve had pain in your calves or other portions of your leg, see a specialist before you have a massage.

Chair Massage Therapy

A chair massage therapy is best for people who desire a fast massage that concentrates on your shoulders, neck, and back. A chair massage can also be a method to present you to massage if you’ve never had one before. Chair massage also serves to relieve stress and improve relaxation. This type of massage applies light to medium pressure.

During the massage, you’ll remain fully dressed and sit in a specially designed chair. You’ll bestride the chair so that your chest shifts into the back of the chair, enabling the massage therapist to have access to your back.