10 Cool Podcasts to Quarantine

Published At: 23 March 2020 , 10:00 AM

While you are at home in quarantine, sorting the closet, doing spring cleaning, or working on freelance work, listen to interesting podcasts. We talk about our loved ones. 


On the site of the online radio Aristocrats, you will find a section with podcasts of each program that go on or off the air. Listen to programs with new music, interviews with musicians shows dedicated to current events in the world. "Aristocrats" - an excellent antidepressant from the lousy mood and loneliness at home. 

Acoustics tiny 

Journalist Ivanna Shkromida hosts this entertaining podcast. The girl talks in detail about famous people of literature, about books that are worth reading, collect the opinions of literary scholars, philologists, writers and puts everything together. It's a pleasure to listen to the podcast; it is not overflowing with boring information and harmoniously complemented by music.  

In simple words  

This is a podcast from the Ukrainian The Village, where presenter Mark Livin and psychologist Ilya Poludenny reflect on emotions and feelings. Always very interesting and witty.  

Human needs human  

Leading podcast Katya Gaydut once a week meets with self-sufficient girls who were able to realize themselves. They communicate about work, relationships, self-love. Heroes of her podcast were Dasha Katsurina, Alena Gudkova, Ksenia Schneider. 


A wealth of fascinating issues about art, travel, music, cinema and much more. Download the separate Arzamas Radio application or open the website and get high. You will find out why in Vienna they made a joint exhibition of Caravaggio and Bernini, about the secrets of London and Istanbul, what post-punk and synthpop are and much more. Addictive for the whole day.  

Bude tobi science 

The Ukrainian popular science magazine in plain language explains the problematic issues that one way or another modern challenge society. These are topics of technological development that change the world every day, interference in the human genome, which is not only painful for scientists but also has its own ethical and cultural aspects. In general, turn it on; it will be very informative and exciting. 

"Radio Frying Pan" 

Radio podcasts focus on music and more. Include and listen to exciting stories about soul travel with host and traveller Orest Zub, a program about jazz musicians by Mikhail Balog, podcasts on urban plans, ecology, and more.


This is a fresh and very informative podcast from the teachers of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. You will learn about the music business, the pros and cons of self-education, the meanings of modern art, business management using the example of the UAE and much more. 

 It is not simple 

A very motivating and inspiring podcast by blogger Ksenia Schulz about finding her destiny. Her guests are robust, smart and ambitious girls who were not afraid to leave the comfort zone. The podcast will undoubtedly push you to the changes in your life that you have been dreaming about for so long. 

English lessons (BBC) 

Do you want to upgrade your English for a long time? Right now. This is where the BBC podcast helps you. Get your most beautiful notebook from the shelf and self-educate every day.