Castor oil for hair: beneficial properties and how to apply hair mask

Published At: 28 January 2020 , 11:02 AM

Castor oil has used for many years as a beauty care product. This hair oil is primarily useful, and it is precisely about its similar properties that will discuss in this material.

Well, who does not dream of silky, thick, and long hair? This dream is closer than you think if you add masks of castor oil to your care. Even though with a variety of hair care products, grandmother’s methods faded into the background, nevertheless, castor oil still can’t add up the price.

Castor oil for hair: what are the benefits?

Castor for hair has miraculous properties. Also, it is especially valuable that the product is entirely natural and does not contain any components that are harmful to hair. Who needs castor oil, and what to expect after its use?

Castor for hair can enhance the growth of curls. So if you want to foster hair growth on a budget, be sure to try castor oil.

The oil can protect hair from thermal damage, which is often caused by styling devices.

Prevents dry scalp, eliminates dandruff.

Moisturizes the scalp while the hair does not get oily quickly.

It helps protect hair from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation, so it is an indispensable assistant on the beach.

Regular use of castor oil for hair eliminates split ends.

Enriches hair follicles with all the necessary substances, which prevents, in turn, hair loss.

Castor Hair Oil: Application

As for the type of hair that castor oil is suitable for, it is best to use it on dry hair. Oily and healthy hair, of course, will become stronger, but in the process of using it, get ready to become greasy, they will become much faster. There are several ways to apply oil to hair:

Method One: Separate the strands and apply oil to all the roots. Then we make massage of the head with massage movements. Massage until castor oil is absorbed. Then you should hold the oil on the roots for about two hours. Therefore, it is best to use it when the hair already requires washing.

The second way: Wet the hair under running water and wrap it in a towel to remove excess moisture. Next, over the sink or bath, rub the oil into wet roots. Then we spread the oil along the entire length of the hair and comb through a comb with rare teeth for even distribution. Leave the oil on the hair for one hour. To enhance the effect, wrap the hair with polyethylene.

Hair mask with castor oil

Castor oil

Grape seed oil


Warm towel

Preparing such a mask is quite simple. Mix the castor and grape seed oil in a 6: 1 ratio. Grapeseed oil is needed here to eliminate the unpleasant aroma of castor oil and make the consistency of the maskless thick. Apply to hair roots (if desired, along the entire length), rub thoroughly and leave for 30 minutes. We put the hair in a plastic bag, and wrap it in a hot towel.

High temperature makes the cuticles of hair open, and the oil penetrates deeper into the structure after washing my hair and enjoy the result of such a mask.

How often to apply a hair mask with castor oil?

The mask should use no more than two times a week, although one may be quite enough. It all depends on the degree of damage to your curls. The hair mask washed off with castor oil by washing the hair twice with shampoo.