Cycling - Pros and Cons for a Man

Published At: 23 January 2020 , 11:56 AM

The benefits of cycling are undeniable - with the help of this sport, you can significantly improve your health and gain a strong and strong body. Bike training is an excellent alternative to exhausting aerobics and fitness. What is the use of cycling, and what harm it can cause, can be found further.

A ride on the bicycle

In terms of effectiveness, cycling is comparable to running - it helps strengthen muscles, the heart, and helps to lose weight. 500-600 calories burned per hour of cycling, about the same amount consumed per hour of running.

Cycling is prevalent in Europe - many people, including politicians, office workers, teachers, etc. get to the place of work on bicycles. Thanks to this, the environmental situation has significantly improved in the states (as people have begun to drive less), as well as improved people's health.


Regular cycling helps:

Strengthen the muscles of the legs and the whole body. Of course, first of all, legs are involved in riding - after all, thanks to them, riding is accomplished. However, training on a bicycle helps to strengthen not only the muscles of the legs but also the arms, back and even the press.

Lose weight. Many people ride bicycles precisely for this purpose. After all, during a ride, energy is actively consumed; that is, calories and fat begin to be burned. For a month of regular training, you can lose 3-5 pounds.

Get rid of cellulite. Many women who were fond of cycling noted that after a while, the "orange peel" on the hips and buttocks wholly disappeared. This is because during training, fat actively burned and blood supply to tissues improves.

Increase Stamina. Any physical activity helps increase the stamina of the body. If at the beginning of classes it is difficult to carry out exercises for a long time, then over time it will be more comfortable and easier. Many fitness instructors claim that cycling is the best exercise option for women.

Improve the respiratory capacity of the lungs. During physical exertion, it is essential to observe proper breathing - inhale deeply with the nose and exhale through the mouth. Over time, this will become a habit, and you will notice that breathing during training and at regular times has become more comfortable.

Cycling Strengthen the cardiovascular system. Cycling is, first of all, cardio load, which contributes to the improvement of the heart. Regular training will help normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation throughout the body. However, those who have cardiovascular diseases need to ride a bicycle with great care.

Improve sexual activity. During pedalling, the pelvic organs are well supplied with blood and saturated with oxygen. This helps to improve the quality of sexual life and increase sexual desire. Many doctors advise patients with impotence to engage in cycling - inadequate blood supply to the pelvic organs is one of the most common causes of pathology.


This sport brings a lot of benefits to the human body. But it also has disadvantages:

Hurt your knees. Continuous pedalling can cause knee joint abrasion and other damage. Injuries are also possible if an untrained person gets on a bicycle and immediately starts pedalling quickly. To protect your knees, you need to wear special knee pads.

 Cycling may be harmful to people with cardiovascular disease. Those who have recently suffered a stroke or heart attack, have coronary heart disease or high blood pressure, heavy physical activity contraindicated. Otherwise, complications are possible. You need to ride a bicycle carefully and without straining, and you must first obtain permission from a doctor.

May lead to varicose veins in the legs. This usually occurs in those who have spider veins or a predisposition to varicose veins. Cycling is not a contraindication for this pathology, but you need to ride with caution and monitor the condition of the legs and veins.

Possible falls. If you do not follow the road, then you can not lose control and fall off the bike. And this is fraught with injuries, and not only the musculoskeletal system but also the head, neck, etc.


For cycling to be beneficial, you must adhere to the following rules:

Before training, it is imperative to do a warm-up - perform several swings with arms and legs, do 5-10 squats, run on the spot for 1 minute. This will warm up the muscles and avoid injuries.

Increase the load gradually. In the early days, you can ride no more than 15-20 minutes, so that the body gets used to the loads. The speed should be slow so as not to overload the knees.

If muscles hurt after the first workout, this is normal. It is necessary to take a break for several days and wait until the pain disappears. After that, you can start training again.

While riding, you must breathe correctly (inhale deeply with your nose and exhale through your mouth). You can also exhale with your nose, but breathing must be deep. It is also essential to observe the correct posture - not to stoop, not to stoop.

Every day, the training time should be increased by 10-15 minutes. The optimal time for the occupation to maintain a figure and health - 1-2 hours a day. It is better to ride at least two times a week.

An ordinary bicycle can be replaced with an exercise bike - there are such in every fitness center, and it can also be installed at home. But it's better to get a real bike still - it's more useful because you have to ride in the fresh air. And fresh air helps to saturate the body with oxygen.