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Published At: 02 November 2019 , 08:03 AM


 Dmitry Monatik is a Ukrainian youth singer, composer and dancer, performing under the stage name Monatik. Creativity is his main and favorite pastime: he writes music and lyrics, performs songs and shoots videos.


 Dmitry was born on April 1, 1986 in Lutsk. He grew up in an ordinary family with ordinary parents: dad worked at the aircraft factory, mom was a secretary. Later, when Dima matured, they began to work for their business. 

Most likely, the young man received musical talent from his grandfathers: One of them was a deaf-mute dancer and athlete, the second sang well, and even masterfully accompanied himself on the button accordion.

Until the eighth grade, Dima grew up completely different from other peers. The starting point for the teenager was the break dance show seen on the town square. Fascinated by the expression of the dance, he decided to learn how to dance and joined the group of break dancers DBS Crew. Purposeful Dima quickly achieved success, becoming one of the best performers. Together with the group, he began to perform throughout the country. 

In the graduation class, it's time to decide on a future profession. Parents managed to convince their son of the vital need to learn to be a lawyer, and transfer music to the level of a hobby. As a result, Dmitry Monatic was a law student in the afternoon, and returned to the musical element in the evening. 


 Nevertheless, Fortune was merciful to Dmitry, giving him the opportunity to do what he liked instead of spending many hours in the office. The impetus for a serious musical career was unrequited love.

During this period, Monatic got to the casting of the Ukrainian “Star Factory”, where he managed to impress the national artist Natalya Mogilevskaya. She took him to her team and helped move from Lutsk to Kiev. The next stage is the work of a dancer in the metropolitan professional studio "Turbo". This gave Dmitry the opportunity to learn from the best dancers of the country and to hone his own skills in his spare time.

 At the same time, Dmitry managed to create a personal vocal project "Monatique". He himself wrote and performed songs. 

In 2010, Dmitry Monatic fell under the wing of the famous choreographer Nikolai Boychenko, and also took part in the filming of the series "Mukhtar". That year was successful in competitions: Monatic entered the top thirty dancers selected in the third season of the competition "Everybody Dance" and became one of the best performers of the "X-factor".

The TaiUletayu and Air clips he posted on YouTube the following year produced the effect of an exploding bomb. By 2012, Dmitry Monatik became a well-known author of the hit “40 degrees” in the musical environment,

 In 2013, the light saw his first solo album of 13 tracks - “S.S.D.”, which stands for “The Soundtrack of Today.”|

The year 2014 was marked for the singer by the new pseudonym MONATIK and two songs created in collaboration with Anna Sedokova . Following is its own recording studio. In 2015, the Ukrainian music channel M1 called it “Breakthrough of the Year”.

In 2016, Monatic released his second album, laconic name “Sounds” and consisting of 16 songs, including a duet with Anna Sedokova and Quest Pistlos. In the same year, the premiere of the clips "Weekend", "Spin", "Eternity" and "Dream", which was filmed with the participation of rapper L'One .


On his verified VKontakte page, the singer eagerly shares music and clips, creative plans and reports with fans. But not a word about the personal. He does not like to talk about his family. 

However, fans of the singer know that he is married, his wife's name is Irina Demicheva. In combination, she is the director of the MONATIK project.

They got married in 2015 after a long relationship, immediately after this event the couple had a son. In February 2017, the family replenished with another child. 

Dmitry’s other favorite activities are painting. In his youth, he even created his own "cartoon world of Monatic", and he also designed the cover for the first album himself. Also, he does not mind spending free time playing a console game.

Dmitry treats money wisely; he does not like to scatter them. The car does not consider luxury, but a means of transportation, and most of all loves to move around the city on an electric scooter to the accompaniment of music in headphones. 


In 2016, Dmitry Monatic became a mentor in the Ukrainian version of the show “Voice. Children ”with Tina Karol and Potap .

In 2017, a video was released in which the singer advertises a new model of smartphones “Samsung Galaxy A”. The beginning of the same year was marked for the singer with two victories at the YUNA national music award - in the nominations “Best Album” (for “Sounds”) and “Best Video Clip” (for the video “Spin”).

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