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Published At: 30 October 2019 , 10:49 AM


 Eldar Kazanfarovich Dzharakhov - a bright representative of domestic video blogging, a member of the humorous rap duet “Successful Group”, one of the founders and a member of the ClickKlack studio, criterion, judge and hero of rap battles Versus Battle, laureate of the 2013 Runet Media Prize.

The blogger conquered many viewers with his charisma and expression. He has several million regular subscribers, and the number of views of his content in the Russian-language segment of YouTube by the fall of 2017 exceeded 130 million. 


The future star of the Russian YouTube was born on July 12, 1994 in the village of Storozhevskie Khutor, located in the Usman district of the Lipetsk region. He became the first child of his parents, of which only their nationality is known - Lezgins. Later, he had a younger sister named Esmir.

When the boy was 5 years old, he became ill with diabetes mellitus (for some reason, some explain his current small growth - 158 cm). A year later, their family moved to the south of Western Siberia, in Novokuznetsk. At school, he did not shine with great scientific abilities, but he played with pleasure in an amateur theater, inventing miniatures and funny videos.

From the first grade, he became friends with Alexander Smirnov, today known as the blogger Sasha Tileks. Around the 6th grade, friends went into hip hop, began to compose rhythmic recitatives and perform, knocking together their band Prototypes MC's. Eldar took the creative pseudonym DL GREEZ. Once he took second place in the district contest "Daredevil" in the category "Rap Song", "reread" most of the participants.

After that, the rap duo began to be invited to perform on the stages of local youth clubs. Around the same time, they began to upload their work on YouTube - music videos, ironic monologues, funny sketches. But they were not very popular with viewers and did not bring the desired income, especially since YouTube was a novelty for Runet.

Relatives were not too happy about his son’s hobby, especially since he graduated from school with almost all the “three” in the certificate. However, over time, they got enough reason to be proud of Eldar. 


 In 2010, young bloggers created the rap project "Successful Group" on YouTube video hosting. In his repertoire, they included musical compositions and comic sketches, in particular, “I will give you this whole world”, “If not worth it”. In order to promote their channel on social networks in 2012, they sent their music video “E RON DON DON” to the court of MDK - the multi-million-dollar public VKontakte

Their work impressed the community administration and subscribers, collecting over 2 million views in 2 months. The musicians were offered cooperation - promotion in exchange for the placement of MDK symbols in their products. As a result, the Success Group channel received an influx of users. The work of the rap duet was highly appreciated by the Federal Press Agency of the Russian Federation - the Runet Media Prize 2013. 

The next step on the blogger’s path to success was Red Moccasin, a video parody released by the Korean rapper PSY"Gangnam Style." In the video, Eldar acted as a guest worker from the Caucasus named Ohrip and ridiculed stereotypes associated with ethnic minorities. The number of video views exceeded even the expectations of its creators, reaching 6 million in a couple of months. Among the Internet projects of the youth of that period, one can mention the “REP School # 1”, where he taught classes in the form of a recitative.

The collaboration of Eldar with the musician Ilya Prusikin (Ilyich) from the Little Big collective, which resulted in the creation of the ClickKlack channel, was very successful. On its pages was published “amazing thrash”, mixed shows, series and other entertaining content from the authors of the community and their like-minded friends

In 2013, a joint video with Eldar “Dangerous” was released with Ilyich. A lot of positive emotions for the fans brought a series of issues “Visiting Ohrip”, in one of which Sergey Zverev was a guest . In creating songs and clips common with Dzharakhov, such well-known YouTube artists as Yuri Muzychenko, Anton Rival, Nikolai Sobolev , Ruslan Usachev, Artem Blizin were also noted . The indefatigable Dzharakhov recorded video in other ways: Innocent (“Be easier”), Eduard Eduashi (“Nastya”).

Many creative projects of ClickKlackBand, as their team began to call themselves, were pleased with the growing army of YouTube fans. This is “Shocking karaoke”, “Destroyers of experiments”, “Give the bream” (in the course of the last two participants tried to make each other laugh, and who could not stand it and laughed, deserved a crack from the opponent).

In 2014, after meeting with the “meaningless”, according to him, L'One song “Mr. Heisenberg”, a video blogger, speaking on behalf of a village boy, presented a similar video “about a member” called “My Eldak”, which later collected 6, 5 million views. In the same period, he registered the “Let's Lyme” channel, a school of video bloggers. The project was flowing offline - the course teachers taught everyone who wanted to edit the video, find ideas for videos, not be afraid of the camera and make money on their subscribers.


 One of the most productive and famous Russian bloggers is not married and tries not to cover his private life. As Jarakhov himself joked, his faith in love in childhood was undermined by the breakdown in relations between his beloved star couple - Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva . According to him, he then realized that many girls give preference to “pumped-up roosters” rather than “mustachioed romantics”.

The young man decently earns - only a personal YouTube channel brings him about 3.5 thousand dollars a month. Without anyone's help, he bought an apartment in the Northern capital, intends to build a house and transport his parents to the city on the Neva.


Video blogger continues to create and participate in creative projects. In 2017, the Network published a video of the blogger “Blokers”, where he went through the famous phrases of such celebrities as Oksimiron , Basta , Scryptonite , Pharaoh . After mutual diss, he sent his "Valentine" to Dima Larin. Then they clashed in a rap duel on Versus. Eldar, who managed to pleasantly surprise the audience with his bright rhymes and reminded the enemy that in his last battle he could not defeat even the “lisping drunk” Yuri Khovansky , was recognized as the winner. 

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