Elena Sazhina - biography and success story

Published At: 25 August 2020 , 06:36 PM

The famous blogger Elena Dmitrievna Sazhina (born 1994) is considered a recognized master of beauty. Her blog is entirely devoted to the problems of young mothers and the maintenance of their youth. Today she is a TV presenter, actress and singer under the pseudonym Helen Yes.

Career: TV presenter, actress, blogger

Date of Birth: September 6, 1994, Virgo

Who was born on this day?

Age: 25 years

Place of Birth: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Growth: 165

Family status: married


The biography of Elena Sazhina begins in Sevastopol. Here in 1994, a girl was born in the Balabanov family. They did not stay long in the city of Russian naval glory. Sometime after the birth of their daughter, they moved to St. Petersburg. In the northern capital, Elena went to school, graduated from it, and entered the acting department at the theater institute. Her parents supported her. The girl passed the exams excellently and expected the results of admission. The grandmother was against her granddaughter-actress and insisted on changing her profession. Elena took the documents and entered the Northwestern University of Management. The specialty of a financier was a priority for the grandmother than the choice of her beloved granddaughter. After receiving her diploma, Elena decides to do something that was to her liking. Since childhood, she has strived for beauty. She came up with hairstyles for herself, mom, girlfriends. An active and well-groomed girl was immediately recruited into a beauty salon. Here she mastered the specialty of a master of eyelashes, manicure, and visage.

The knowledge gained at the university came in handy when opening the first own salon. The idea came to her after a series of private eyelash sticking practices. It was much more convenient to receive clients in the salon than to go to their house. Over time, Elena opened several salons. But a successful marriage and the birth of twin daughters changed plans for the future. The young mother and wife wanted to be at home, raise girls, meet her husband after work. In this, she was right. Family is a priority in the development of a woman.

The main thing for a woman is always to remain a woman. Beautiful, well-groomed, beloved and desired. This is precisely how Elena Sazhina appeared in her new project. She created a blog for young mothers. She set her task to show that a woman can and should remain in great shape under any circumstances.

Beauty salons had to be sold. Blogging, parenting, and housekeeping were overwhelming. Beauty salons require a lot of attention. When it came time to choose, Elena chose a family, life, and a blog. The very first publications aroused genuine interest among mothers with babies. Cheerful Elena, a mother of two children, promoted healthy eating, sports, and an active lifestyle. Thanks to her video materials, young mothers received the necessary advice on maintaining their beauty and a significant boost of vivacity.

Elena Sazhina herself pays excellent attention to her appearance. She is engaged in fitness, monitors nutrition. She makes herself and is very proud of the results of her work.

The girls grew up, and their mother had new interests. Being a famous blogger (209 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel, 3 million on Instagram), Elena Sazhina decides not to stop there. Her appearance and natural artistry attracted the attention of producers of television programs. She takes part in the show "Battle of the Salons" and becomes the 2nd place owner. Then he accepts an invitation to shoot in the series "Deffchonki."

2016 becomes a fateful year for Elena Sazhina's career. She is invited to lead the beauty section of the Good Morning program. During the year, the young woman told St. Petersburg residents how to apply makeup, comb your hair, and tidy up in the morning. In 2017, her success on the Internet was honored with the Best Mom Blogger award. She is overwhelmed with invitations to shoot TV shows, "Blin.com," "Yazhmat," "Eaters," and others. She acts as the host of television projects. All news is shared with subscribers. The army of fans is growing, and Elena is writing a book.

In 2018, the publication Caring Mom VS Successful Woman appeared on bookshelves and online stores. The rules of new generation mothers. " In it, the author summarized all her ideas over the past two years. She shared a recipe for eternal youth and eternal optimism. Elena is proud of her appearance and encourages women to pay more attention to themselves and their loved ones. The popularity she earned is an excellent example of how to love and respect yourself. This is the only way to achieve success.

Since December 2018, Elena has been trying herself in a new incarnation. She begins to appear in clips of famous performers. She is invited by Ida Galich, Katya Kokorina, Dominik Joker, Olga Buzova. A year later, in March 2019, Elena releases her debut track. She comes into show business under the pseudonym Helen Yes. After the song "Happiness," "Soap Bubbles," "Summer in the Ribbon," "My Spring," and other positive compositions of the young performer appear. In October, she starred in the video for the Hands Up group. Elena continues to engage in creativity and shares it with her fans.

Personal life

Most of the photos and Instagram are taken with pictures of a happy family. Elena's husband, Pavel Sazhin (born in 1988), is from St. Petersburg. They met in a cafe where Elena worked as a waitress during her studies. After the birth of twins, he was forced to leave his job to help his wife. Elena had many offers to participate in television projects, so Pavel did as he saw fit.

He is the happy father of two adorable twins. Today he is the developer of a successful business program. He offers his services as a coach (business trainer) with the author's methodology on his Instagram page. Judging by the way he helped his wife become famous, he has a lot to learn. He provides video and photography services on a professional basis. The married couple showed the entire Internet community an example of how to develop relationships and, at the same time, be successful in business.

The personal life of Elena Sazhina was a success. Next to her is an excellent and loyal man. Daughters are growing up. They will be as beautiful as their mother. Elena will teach them how to take care of themselves, and dad will always be there in difficult times. The girls are still very young. Therefore, Elena's subscribers will find many discoveries in raising children, which she will show everyone using her family as an example. Girls will grow up, and with them, the problems of age education will grow.