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Published At: 17 August 2020 , 06:48 PM

Career: TV presenter, singer, actress, director

Date of Birth: November 14, 1963

Age: 56 years

Place of Birth: Mukachevo, USSR

Growth: 173

Family status: divorced


Lolita Milyavskaya is a prominent representative of Russian show business, pop singer, TV presenter, actress and just a star without complexes. An artist who, from the first days of her appearance on the stage, began to break stereotypes, and today regularly hit the front page of news tabloids.

Remaining a confident and stylish woman, Milyavskaya is not afraid to talk openly about her mistakes, life failures and complexes. Fans love her for her sincerity and compare the singer to a phoenix that never ceases to rise from the ashes.

Childhood and youth

Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya (nee Gorelik) was born in the fall of 1963 in Transcarpathia, in the city of Mukachevo. A year later, the family moved to another Transcarpathian town of Beregovo; then little Lola Gorelik was sent to the care of her grandparents in Lviv.

Lolita Milyavskaya in childhood

The fact is that Lolita Milyavskaya's parents were creative people; both involved in music. Mark Lvovich Gorelik conducted the orchestra and worked as an entertainer, and his mother, Alla Dmitrievna Nikiforova, sang in a jazz ensemble.

At the age of 10, the countdown of Milyavskaya's creative biography began. Mom took her daughter, who even then sang well, with her to concerts. A year later, Lolita already worked with Irina Ponarovskaya in the backing vocals.


In 1985, after graduating from the Tambov Institute of Culture, the girl got a job at the Odessa Philharmonic, where she met Alexander Tsekalo and began performing with numbers in the genre of the conversational miniature. The ensemble was named the "Academy" cabaret duet, and stupid songs appeared in its repertoire. This striking tandem has compared to a pair of Sony and Cher. For ten years, the couple performed together. They have also established themselves as TV presenters for TV-Pizza, Morning Mail and Good Morning Country!

Lolita Milyavskaya's solo career thrived. Starting with the release of her first studio album "Flowers", which sold 50 thousand copies, the artist has increased sales by six times with her second disc "Show of a Divorced Woman".

The circulation of the next disc, "Format", even exceeded the figure of 700 thousand copies. The album "Orientation North", which included the hit of the same name, as well as the famous songs "She is an Angel", "None of Your Business" and others, became significant in Milyavskaya's discography.

In addition to solo creativity, Lolita tries herself in the genre of musical, playing the role of Matrona Mama Morton in the play "Chicago", is shot for "Playboy", works as a TV host of the show "Without complexes", the musical project "Superstar-2008", advocates for the LGBT movement in Russia. The scandalous news story with Lolita's participation was the release of the performer's next work - the album "Fetish", the sales of which suspended for reasons of censorship. Nevertheless, the singer skillfully "monetarizes" the public's interest in her person. In 2013, according to Forbes, Lolita Milyavskaya entered the list of the 20 richest Russian musicians.

In November 2014, the star released the album Anatomy, which had the expected success with fans. The premieres of the songs "I", "Anatomy", "Hairpin-heel" took place during the rating television projects - the program "Saturday Evening", the TV show "Evening Urgant ", the TV competition "Battle of Choirs".

In addition to her vocal career, Lolita Milyavskaya managed to prove herself as an actress. She starred in several New Year's film projects, including the brightest Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka, Cinderella, Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro and Aladdin's New Adventures.

Personal life

If many stars carefully hide their personal lives, then Lolita Milyavskaya frankly shares such details with fans.

In 1985, Milyavskaya first married Alexander Belyaev, whom she divorced almost immediately. Her second husband is Alexander Milyavsky. The marriage turned out to be fictitious, but it is under the name of her husband that the singer becomes known to the public in her youth.

The third chosen one of Lolita Milyavskaya was Alexander Tsekalo. As a result, this union brought the girl from Mukachevo to the pinnacle of success. The marriage gave her only daughter Eva, but the family and creative alliance destined to end.

In early July 2019, Lolita posted a post on Instagram, in the comments to which she announced the divorce from Dmitry. The artist explained the parting with cold feelings. Milyavskaya warned haters that she would not tolerate attacks on her now ex-spouse. Later, at a concert in Donetsk, the star announced that her chosen one was the initiator of the break.

Milyavskaya openly stated that she wants to take a break from the male presence in her life and devote more time to her family, but fans suspected the artist of a new novel. The reason was a joint photo of the singer and her longtime friend from Sweden, the singer Bosson. Lolita met him at a concert in Almaty.

Lolita Milyavskaya now

Now Milyavskaya continues to appear on the programs of the country's central television channels, and often it is not only entertainment shows and concerts. In 2018, Lolita became a guest of the program "The Fate of a Man ", visited the studio of the show "The Invisible Man".

In 2019, with the participation of the performer, the program "Happiness without complexes. Exclusive ". Later, her interview with Regina Todorenko for the host's YouTube channel and a frank conversation with blogger Nastya Ivleeva in the AgentShow program took place.