Everything is clean: how to do depilation at home during the quarantine

Published At: 02 April 2020 , 06:23 AM

What to do if the hairs have grown and are ready for planned hair removal, and the salon closed for the period of quarantine? It is best to wait a bit, but if you endure no strength, then you can take advantage of the advice of a pro. We asked Ekaterina Martynenko, owner of the Sugar Bar depilation studio, about how to deal with unwanted vegetation on my own. Catch her advice depending on the method chosen.

Sugar paste

If you decide to order the paste online, pay attention to the composition - it should not contain citric acid, which can cause an allergic reaction. The density of the paste also plays a role: choose either the densest or medium - they are the least picky in their behavior with beginners. It’s best to practice on your feet, but I don’t advise starting from the bikini zone - everything is somewhat more complicated there.

To begin with, you need to warm up the paste: here, a microwave (10-20 seconds) or a steam bath will come to the rescue. The paste should be warm, comfortable for your skin, and not scorching, hot.

You will need nitrile gloves or at least one for the “working hand” in conditions of shortage: the paste has the property of heating from the skin and melting in the hands. 

The skin needs to degreased - any cleansing facial cosmetics are suitable here. If there are no appropriate remedies, take a shower. 

Before the procedure, you must use talcum powder, but baby powder is also suitable. 

The paste is applied against the hair growth and is removed - by extension. Be sure to pull the other hand in the opposite direction. The jerk is vital to do in parallel and as close to the skin as possible.

At the end of the procedure, the skin must treat with an antiseptic (for example, chlorhexidine). You can also apply a tool containing panthenol. If the situation is entirely unforeseen and there is no time to wait for delivery, you can prepare the paste yourself. The most important thing is to observe the proportions and remove it from the fire in time. Be careful not to burn the dishes. A sugar paste recipe can found here.


Waxing is a little easier: this material is more stable and much easier to remove from the skin. The preparatory stage is the same as when performing sugaring (sugar depilation), but gloves can not use here. If you have wax in the cartridges, then there is a different heater for it. If these are wax strips from the supermarket, it is enough to warm them up in your hands, rubbing them between your palms. 

When the wax is heated, and the skin is prepared, as in the case of sugar paste, you can apply it to the surface of the skin by hair growth and then remove it in the opposite direction. Do not forget to stretch your skin with your second hand. Then squeeze the breakdown place - this minimizes the feeling of discomfort. The oil will help remove wax residues from the surface of the skin. Any home-made arsenal is suitable - coconut, almond, and even olive.

Of course, the first time to do everything as clean and tidy as a master in the cabin, most likely, it will not work, which can lead to the appearance of small rashes. Do not try to squeeze them out - treat the skin with chlorhexidine or another bactericidal agent without alcohol.