Five most fashionable ideas for a winter manicure

Published At: 12 February 2020 , 07:04 AM

On a day when you need to decide on a winter manicure, each of us dives into thinking and, for a long time, can not choose the ideal option for themselves. Minimalism or sequins, pattern or sticker, coat, or matte finish? Here's the question We are ready to end these tortures of choice and make your life easier. Read a selection of five top winter manicure trends that will drive every fashionista of the coming winter. We think you should try everything!

French two in one

If last summer it was called one of the anti trends of the season, then in the winter manicure French began to perceive in a new way. Now it's not just a classic winter manicure with a pink base and a brief white stripe. This winter, we recommend that you try French two in one. Mix two favorite shades and get your dream winter manicure! See the original examples below. 


Do not give way to the list of the hottest winter manicure trends and options with labels. From last season stickers with letters and features of a human face will remain relevant. From the bottom, choose any foundation - from monochrome to the bright background. 

Glitter, glitter, and glitter again

The models with nail glitter were the most at the autumn-winter manicure fashion shows. Turn your hands into a work of art by adding a bit of radiance. If you are afraid to exaggerate, use a brief background, and add glitter to the tone of the varnish. You can also sprinkle shiny powder with just a few nails. Decide on you!

Red classics 

Solid red nails are a trend that has no shelf life. And the winter of 2020 will be no exception. Moreover, it is a win-win option for New Year's Eve. 

Decor with stones and pearls 

This winter, the 
rhinestone fans will enjoy the most, because it's their time! It is not only because the New Year is approaching, and everyone is trying to add an image to the festivity. The experts decided to make a winter manicure with stones graceful and presented new options. Prefer a manicure with delicate pearls that glitter on your nails like tiny snowflakes. Or pay attention to the more daring choice - a magnificent combination of various stones.