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Published At: 02 November 2019 , 07:25 AM


Hanna (real name Anna Vladimirovna Ivanova) is a Russian singer and model, winner of the Miss Cinema, Miss Chuvashia, Miss Volga and Miss Apollon awards and others. Wife of the label director of Black Star Inc. Pavel Kuryanov.


 Anna was born on January 23, 1991 in Cheboksary. From the first years of her life, the girl began to get involved in music - she went to a music school, studied vocal. At age 6, she began her career in sports ballroom dancing. When Anna turned 13, the coach took her to the capital, where the girl began to live in Butovo, in the same apartment with two boys: one was her dance partner, the other just went to the same dance club.

From childhood, Anna does not remember anything except school and dancing. She did not have friends and free time on TV, computer, walks. Every day, the girl left for school early in the morning, then went to training to the other end of Moscow and returned already after midnight. It was incredibly difficult, sometimes there wasn’t even strength to cry into the pillow.

At the age of 15, the young beauty won an unconditional victory in ballroom dancing and earned the Novorossiysk Cup. Literally a year later, her collection was replenished with two new awards - the Cup of the Caucasus and the Cup of the Federal District.

In the end, the girl realized that she wanted to end the dancing. And it was not even a inhuman load. Anna knew that in the future of “balnikov” a coaching career awaited, and more than anything she wanted to sing. In addition, health problems started. 


In 2007, Hannah tried herself in a new role model. Having won the Miss Cinema beauty pageant, she got the opportunity to appear on the pages of the glossy youth Elle Girl.

The heyday of her modeling career came in 2009-2010. During this period, she won victories at the contests Miss Chuvashia, Miss Volga, Miss Apollo, Miss Viva Volga-Don, Miss Kemer (the latter played an important role in her fate, but more on that later). In 2010, Anna Ivanova took part in the Miss Russia contest, but did not enter the top 15 ( Irina Antonenko became the winner ).

After that, the girl moved to Kiev to realize herself as an actress. Back to Moscow, love returned her. 


Hannah met her love in Turkey during the Miss Kemer International 2010 beauty pageant, which she won. Fate brought the model and her future husband, director of the Black Star label Pavel Kuryanov, known as Pasha, in one hotel - they met at breakfast.

At that time, Anna was in a relationship, and Pavel was spoiled by female attention, but they still exchanged contacts, and for a couple of years corresponded and periodically met, but there was nothing serious between them. Anna lived in Kiev, she had a boyfriend in Moscow, and one day, having come to him (he just made her an offer and gave 3 days for thought), Anna decided to spend time with her friends in a restaurant. It was there that the girl met Paul again.

The next day, Paul sent Anna a message, admitting that the last day was the best in his life. After that, the girl replied “no” to the offer of a hand and heart to her boyfriend and returned to Kiev, where Pavel also went a week later. Back they returned already together.

Three years later, in the summer of 2015, together, the lovers played a wedding. Signed at the Kutuzovsky registry office in Moscow, and the celebration itself took place in Capri. 


 The singer did not stop there: in 2015 she released the capsule collection GOLD X by Hannah, consisting of 8 things. The clothing line was sold at Black Star Wear.

In 2017, the girl opened her beauty salon X Lashes by Hanna, and also launched her beauty blog on Youtube

The girl goes in for sports a lot, does not go on diets, but she adheres to proper nutrition. Hannah is a vegetarian with many years of experience.


 Soon having great connections in the music world, Pavel became the producer of Anna, who all this time did not leave the dream of a professional scene. I must say that in everything related to work, Pasha is a very demanding person, so at first it was not easy for Hannah to abstract herself and not mix personal with working moments.

By 2013, Hannah had recorded her first single, “I'm Just Yours.” Soon the clip came out. Then Hannah sang a duet with Yegor Creed (“To be humble is not in fashion”). In addition to this composition, in 2014 7 more tracks were released ("Sighs", "Know it," "So that the summer does not end", etc.).

In 2015, the girl recorded 3 songs and released 2 clips (“Mom, I fell in love”, “Lost my head”), in 2016 - three songs and again two clips (“Omar Khayyam”, “I Can't Without You”). The same thing happened in 2017 - 3 songs and 2 clips (“Te Amo”, “Bullets”) were waiting for the listeners.


At the end of 2017, Hannah announced the imminent release of her debut album, Thoughts. Part 1". The start of sales was scheduled for January 23, 2018. It is known that the album included 15 tracks.

In March 2018, the singer confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy spread on social networks. September 3, the couple had a daughter. Before giving birth, Hannah went to an elite clinic in Miami. The singer did not immediately reveal the child’s name, but judging by the publication of Hannah on Instagram, the first letter in the girl’s name is A. Exactly a year later, Hannah declassified the name of her daughter. The baby's name is Adriana.

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