Healthy food. Diet and healthy breakfast recipe

Published At: 07 January 2020 , 09:57 AM

It has become normal for a modern person to eat when he wants or when the opportunity arises. Life in a big city often imposes a lot of obligations on people, which hinder many people from planning their time. Therefore, it sorely lacks for everything, including regular healthy food. Many switches to single meals. They are not used to breakfast at all, as a rule, everything is limited to tea or coffee, some, of course, still manage to seize this business with a toast of white bread or a sandwich with sausage.

It's not always possible to go to dinner, mainly because of the accumulated work, so in the best case, you knock over a cup of coffee with sugar. Dinner begins in the late evening, almost at night, after you drag your body home and cook something in haste - pasta with sausages or dumplings, and on top of Ararat mayonnaise so that the satiety is probably enough until the next evening. And so day after day. Again and again.

Many are satisfied with this lifestyle. After all, something is enchanting in this constant running around and bustle. But do not forget about the dark side - obesity, gastritis, heartburn, ulcer and a whole bunch of various ailments. Remember, the goal of regular proper nutrition is not weight loss, but a healthy body! After all, as you know, only a healthy mind can dwell in it!

Diet (every 2-3 hours):

- Breakfast

Begin your morning meal no later than 7: 00–9: 00, because it is during this period that gastric juice is produced in our body in turbo mode. At this time of day, fats do not accumulate but are consumed like firewood in a steam locomotive. Therefore, everything that we eat at breakfast is exclusively for energy production. But even in spite of this, eating in the morning should be done wisely - complex carbohydrates (cereals) + proteins (fish, chicken) + proper fats (avocados, nuts, cheese, etc.).

- Snack

Carbohydrates simple + proteins or complex carbohydrates + proteins + fiber (fresh vegetables)

- Lunch

Complex carbohydrates + proteins (low-fat meat, excluding ducklings and pork) + fiber (fresh vegetables)

- Snack

Fiber (vegetables) and / or protein

- Dinner

Here we must exclude any carbohydrates. As during an evening snack, only protein and fiber should be in our diet, namely: lean meat or fish or seafood + fresh green vegetables or cooked non-starchy vegetables. Most importantly, the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. If, for example, you had dinner at 20:00, and plan to sleep only at 2:00, you can eat squirrels (cottage cheese, chicken breast) at 23:00.

Approximate daily ration:

07:00 - breakfast: oatmeal on the water without salt and sugar, sandwich "avocado + chicken"

10:00 - snack: banana, a small handful of nuts

13:00 - lunch: steamed chicken meatballs, rice, half a cucumber, half a tomato

16:00 - snack: baked eggplant with spices, one boiled protein

19:00 - dinner: steamed fish, protein omelette with vegetables

22:00 - lunch: cottage cheese

Drink a glass of room temperature water 30 minutes before a meal. Food lovers can add some ginger or honey to the water. Water will wake the body and activates all its vital processes. The problem of the majority is that in the morning, they cannot cram anything into themselves. If there is no appetite in the morning, then the body received a lot of toxins a day later, which it still has not managed to neutralize. Where do the legs grow from? Either the product was not fresh, or the method of its preparation was unacceptable, but there is only one conclusion - be careful what comes into your mouth. And remember, portions should be no more than 250-300 g. Otherwise, the whole point is lost.

Useful recipe of the week:

PP pizza (an excellent alternative to cereal for breakfast).


- Two squirrels

- 1.5 tbsp ground oatmeal (oat bran can be)

- 1 tbsp corn starch

- 3 tbsp white yogurt (I use Activation light 1.5%)

- your favorite spices (I always have curry, paprika and Provence herbs)

- filling to taste (I often take tomatoes, bell peppers, honey mushrooms, broccoli and cheese)


- whisk the whites lightly with a fork;

- add ground oatmeal (or bran), starch and spices;

- bake a pancake in a frying pan from the resulting dough on both sides (without butter !!!), not for long, so that the dough is slightly set;

- grease the pancake with white yogurt, then put the filling;

- send pizza to the oven, preheated to 180C, for 5-10 minutes.