How to care for your eyes and monitor your eyesight

Published At: 31 December 2019 , 11:34 AM

Health is an essential component of a comfortable life, whether it concerns the absence of pain or the quality of work of any organ. It is always necessary to strive to maintain the possibility of a full-fledged existence, writes azlyrics. Last but not least, it concerns vision, the primary source for a person of information about the world around him. The extreme eye strain that has plagued us in recent years has a negative effect on the condition of the eyes, causing pain and redness, and in especially severe cases, diseases that lead to visual impairment. How to keep this valuable gift for many years?

We eat right

Oddly enough, it would help if you started with food. Lack of essential components in food leads to disruption of the functioning of vital systems. It has long been known that for the normal functioning of the organs of vision, vitamin A needed, which found in carrots, liver, and eggs. For the full assimilation of this vitamin, the presence of fats is necessary. Therefore it is better to eat carrots with oil. Useful for the eyes is also the use of beets and citrus fruits. It helps to maintain vision and blueberries, and only it is worth remembering that eating it is necessary regularly.

In the morning - exercise

Special exercises are capable of supporting the performance of the eye muscles. They help relieve fatigue and reduce the adverse effects of electronics on the eyes, as well as improve blood circulation to the eyes. Training exercises are simple enough. First: look at an object located nearby, then look at a point in the distance, and again at a nearby one. This action performed 12-15 times. Another exercise: without turning your head to move your eyes from top to bottom and vice versa, then from right to left and back. Those who have mastered simple movements can try circular motions with their eyes. Well, in the end - blink, tightly squeezing the eyelids.

Watch out for colour

Studies show that bright, flashy colours, such as red, irritate the eyes and tire. At the same time, the natural shades of yellow, green, the intensity of the sea wave are beneficial. Therefore, for the interior decoration, you should select the most natural colours. The same can be said of light. Very bright light irritates the eyesight, at the same time, insufficient illumination of the room leads to eye strain and rapid fatigue. The light must be directed so that the object is visible, but at the same time, it does not blind.

Proper organization

We spend a significant part of our time at work, and for almost everyone, the workplace assumes the presence of a computer or office supplies. The desktop should be located near the window; on the table, it is necessary to install a lamp with a lightproof lampshade. Ideally, the light should fall on the left a little in front, and this position is most convenient for perception by our eyes. The presence of bright details on the table will always distract, so it is better to limit them. During the reading, the document should be no closer than 30-40 centimeters from the eyes. Reading while lying down, as well as on a bus or in poor lighting, leads to heavy eye strain and poor vision. Doctors also recommend taking short breaks after each hour of working with papers or a computer. Just look away and look at the landscape outside the window.

Do not forget about the adjustment

If you already have problems with visual acuity, they must be taken into account in everyday life. Usually, children prefer not to wear glasses, considering them uncomfortable. But modern tools can offer a reasonably wide selection, suitable for each patient, and you only need to spend a little time. You need to pick up glasses from a doctor who will evaluate the state of vision and emerging problems that require a binding solution. If the doctor’s recommendations not followed and the optics not worn, the patient does not see the world around him well and therefore forced always to strain his eyesight, which, in turn, leads to even more significant visual impairment. In addition to vintage glasses and lenses, there are operational methods for solving the problem, many of which are painless and straightforward today. The question usually arises in the money and fears of the patient.

In a healthy body

Compliance with a healthy lifestyle is also an essential point in maintaining visual acuity. Exercise allows you to normalize blood circulation throughout the body, including in the organs of vision. And cigarette smoke irritates not only the mucous membrane of the respiratory system but also the eye, causing inflammation and redness. Compliance with hygiene avoids infectious diseases, the consequences of which can become quite dangerous. And, of course, a healthy sleep. During the night, our body manages to recover, organs relax and get ready for a new working day. Therefore, sleep is so essential for maintaining vision.