Published At: 04 January 2020 , 10:39 AM

Vitamin C protects cells from free radicals and prevents skin aging. Due to its antioxidant properties, it often included in facial cosmetics. But the means are different. Because of the thick consistency, the same creams penetrate only the upper layers of the epidermis; therefore, they have a short-term effect. They can be used to moisturize and protect the skin. In the long run, vitamin C serums are better at smoothing wrinkles, whitening age spots, and solving other skin problems. However, their range is diverse, and not all of them work effectively. What is the secret to choosing the right serum and how to use it to achieve the maximum effect? How to select C Vitamin Serum In its pure form, ascorbic acid cannot penetrate deep into the epidermis, since it quickly decomposes. Also, during oxidation, it stains the skin in a brownish tint. Because of these two shortcomings, not pure vitamin C, but its derivatives more often added to the serum. The most common is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) and L-ascorbic acid (LAA). What form of vitamin C is better If this is your first time using fortified whey, choose one that is based on MAP. This component does not decompose in the epidermis and does not oxidize, but is slightly active. It will not irritate the skin and increase its sensitivity. L-ascorbic acid is more effective, but also more aggressive. It can provoke irritation of the epidermis, so cosmetics based on it are better to use after getting used to serum with MAP. For the first time, apply a minimal amount of the product to the skin, and then gradually increase the concentration to the recommended one.

There are two types of serums for the face: “With Vitamin C” and “Containing Vitamin C”. Of course, the former is more effective than the latter. You can determine which group the product you like belongs to by its composition. The concentration of LAA in an active agent should be approximately 10%, MAP - 3-5%. If the amount of the active substance not indicated, check how it counts on the list. The best option is 2 or 3. Additional components Look for a serum with stabilizing components, for example, tocopherol, coenzyme Q10 or glycolic acid - they help vitamin C. But the presence of synthetic substances in the product can negate its usefulness and harm the skin - make sure that the list of active ingredients is minimal. Attention! Vitamin C is destroyed by exposure to air and sunlight. It is better to choose face serums in dark jars with a dispenser. How to use face serum Try to use a serum with vitamin C after cleansing the skin, before treating it with a night or day moisturizer. Application Rules: Squeeze a small amount of serum onto your palm by pressing the dispenser 1-2 times. Distribute the product between the palms and push them to the face. Gently massage your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck area with your hands. Attention! In winter, the serum should be applied at least 40 minutes before going outside. Otherwise, the moisture contained in it will quickly evaporate, and the skin will become irritated and dry.

The noticeable effect of the use of serum with ascorbic acid will come no earlier than in 4-6 weeks. But such a long wait is justified: the components of the cosmetic product penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and have a pronounced and lasting therapeutic effect.