How to quickly make teeth white and beautiful forever

Published At: 11 February 2020 , 06:30 PM

Nothing adorns a girl like a smile. And we know only one way to get the same as that of Hollywood stars quickly - with quickly make teeth white, even and shiny. These are veneers. Together with the dentist and the owner of the Sciedece Dental and Ultrasound Surgery Scientific Center Bogdan Kondratyuk, we figured out what are the advantages of veneers and received real reviews from satisfied patients who got rid of the complexes and got a snow-white smile that everyone now desires.

What are veneers, and to whom are they shown?

Veneers are thin plates that cover the front of the tooth. They are composite (restoration with filling material), which serve 3-5 years, or ceramic (thin lining on the tooth surface), serving 10-15 years.

And veneers are the best way to get a luxurious smile, especially if your teeth are damaged, and simple whitening does not help. During their installation, you quickly make teeth white are carefully polished and outline the contour of the place of adhesion and gluing of the future veneer. It is very meticulous work: imagine, an experienced doctor takes about 45 minutes to install one surface. But the result is worth it!

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before installing veneers, it is necessary to visit a dentist and solve problems with teeth that are disturbing: cure tooth decay, correct bite, and install braces (if required). The latter will make the teeth as anatomically correct on all sides and ensure their exact location, which, in turn, will extend the life of veneers for more than 10-15 years.

What else do you need to know about veneers?

i. It is quite an expensive procedure - one veneer will cost you 15,000 UAH. But it is worth it.

ii. Exterior protects only the front surface of the tooth. Therefore, it is essential to properly care for the oral cavity, cleaning the inside of the teeth and interdental spaces.

iii. Today, veneers make it as natural and close in color to natural teeth, and the excellent white effect is already a relic of the past. Smooth surfaces are like complete teeth, only better.

Does it work?

The theory is ethical. And real reviews are even better. Maria, a client of the Sciedece Scientific Center for Dentistry and Ultrasound Surgery and a stewardess, shared her story with us, for whom a beautiful smile is not only a desire to like herself and others but also a professional need: