How to Stay Calm When Panic Around: 7 Effective Tips Against Anxiety

Published At: 01 April 2020 , 10:37 AM

it's hard to stay calm when all you hear is disturbing news about the number of cases, social network horror stories not confirmed by anyone, and, most beloved, calls not to panic. Difficult, but still possible. How to deal with anxiety when everything is terrible, it is not clear what is next, and the line at the entrance to the ATB is terrifying, we figured out together with practicing psychologist and psychotherapist Natalya Maleshina.

The first thing to understand and accept is the very phenomenon of panic

 You noticed this for yourself: something happened (she left her boyfriend, problems at work, mom saws again) and you immediately try to tell someone about it, to share the pain. Because it seems to you that it will become more comfortable for you. Precisely the same thing, only with the effect multiplied by a hundred, we see now when everyone is talking about the coronavirus, sharing rumors, discussing the latest news.

"People think that if they share anxiety with someone else, then it becomes easier for them, they are not alone. Man is a social being, and he needs a sense of belonging to a group. So he feels safe. But, in this way, we reinforce each other's anxiety by spreading panic.

Endless news, posts on social networks on this topic do not let you relax for a minute and draw attention to your fears. And this happens all the time. But where the focus is, there is our energy. That is a considerable amount of our vital energy wasted on the fact that we can't change or control anything," Natalya comments. And gives practical advice that each of us can do now to feel better and at least slightly reduce the level of stress.

First, it's essential to admit to yourself: "Yes, I am worried." 

And this is normal for a person when he faced with danger and suspense. But at this time, it is better to direct your energy into an action that stabilizes me and not, which weakens me.

It is an excellent time to take care of yourself truly

 And, of course, about his body. So, if we are anxious, our sleep is disturbed. Therefore, it is necessary to take subjective measures to get enough sleep. Prepare yourself for sleep with good music, a light and pleasant, warm bath, reading, and, of course, sleep at least 7 hours. 

Take care of your diet

 A sufficient amount of vitamins, foods rich in magnesium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids - all this will help relieve anxiety symptoms and make the body enter its calm resource state. 

Anxiety causes an adrenaline rush in the body, and this is the fight or flight hormone. Regular physical activity will help calm him. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream and must consume somewhere. Exactly physical activity will help to cope with anxiety by reducing stress in the body. You don't need to exhaust yourself with training, but 15-20 minutes a day will have a very beneficial effect on your nervous system, on your mind and body. 

When you feel restless, your thoughts begin to control you and revolve uncontrollably around a difficult topic. But in just 15 minutes a day, you can become calmer and balanced by practicing an effortless meditation. Find a quiet place in the apartment, close your eyes and focus on your breath. No need to drive away thoughts, follow your breath, and do not focus on them. 

Now you have time for this: look on the net for different techniques of yogic breathing and practice them in the morning and evening. Nothing centers us and connects with our spirit more than a breath. Include this simple practice in your daily schedule, and on the physical level, you will begin to feel how endorphins, hormones of joy are released, blood pressure evened out. You feel calmer and more harmonious.

Another piece of advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety is to keep a diary or take notes describing your emotions

 Without censorship and spelling, honestly express your feelings and concerns. It helps them become better aware, manage their anxiety, and free themselves from disturbing thoughts by merely setting them out on paper. In principle, it doesn't matter at all whether this is stated in a beautiful diary or printed in notes on a smartphone - but! - for the brain, it is much more efficient to write with a pen on paper.

And, of course, now is the time to clear the rubble

 Try to disassemble the wardrobe, clean the mail, clean up the shoes, finally wash the makeup brushes (yes, we are all too lazy to do this), and finally sew on the button that fell off the coat a month ago. Moreover, even for small feats in this direction, praise yourself. 

Try to improve your condition in any way possible - smile, enjoy the little details focus on what increases the level of your vitality. Turn your attention towards positive, literally forcing the body to produce hormones of joy that make it healthier and more energetic. Because thoughts that always revolve around anxiety and fear trigger a chain reaction within us that only leads to exhaustion and even greater stress.