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Published At: 30 October 2019 , 10:37 AM


 Julianna Karaulova is a young Russian singer, whose creative path can be called a rapid take-off. At the age of thirty and a little she managed to become a member of several popular television shows, to be a journalist and presenter, to record three studio albums (Feeling U, Phenomenon, and Be Strong), to work with the music collective, in order to eventually go to a solo career and win the sympathy of millions of fans.


 Born in the spring of 1988, the Muscovite parents named Julianne. Mom, a doctor by profession, dad is an engineer, but none of them worked in their specialty. Julia was very tiny when her father was offered to work in Bulgaria, and the family moved to Sofia for eight whole years.

 The girl entered a Russian school, but very quickly learned to speak Bulgarian. Mom, who herself dreamed of being a singer in her childhood, encouraged the first creative undertakings of her little daughter, who arranged home concerts for parents, singing famous songs in her own way.

Julia and dad supported the aspiration, always saying that the future singer is growing in their family. When the girl began to speak first at school, and then citywide events, she did not have more grateful spectators than her parents, although the listeners always awarded Karaulova with a standing ovation. Soon, the performance of the young talent at the Dobrich contest was appreciated by the jury, she was awarded the certificate of honor “For Professionalism and Artistry”.

This award was all the more expensive for the whole family that Julia received it from the hands of the People’s Artist of Bulgaria Lily Ivanova with words of admiration and prophecy of Julianna’s successful singing career. But the time came for the end of his father's contract, and the Karaulovs moved back to Moscow.

 As Julianna herself recalls, she had a hard time, because at eleven she had to plunge into a completely unfamiliar environment. The jokes and jokes of classmates were incomprehensible, and the guys, feeling the isolation of the girl, also shied away from her Bulgarian background

Since parents also had a hard time, Julia tried not to devote them to her teenage problems, but instead went to the rink with her dad and studied music tightly. 

When she was 12, a vocal teacher suggested that Julia work as an administrator in a vocal competition. She agreed, and then proudly brought home her first earned 500 rubles, which her parents still keep under glass. When she was fourteen, the girl received her first royalties in Yes! Magazine, where her father sent photos of her daughter to the contest. 


I had to step on my own pride in my throat and start working as an editor for MTV. The girl had to hold the reporter’s microphone at the forefront and make her way through the crowd to the artists with whom she had previously sung at the “Factory” and with whom, as it seemed to her, she was talking on equal terms. Now they were on the other side, which was emotionally difficult to experience emotionally. But Karaulova convinced herself that she liked journalism, decided to get a higher education in this field. 

Fortunately, fate sent the singer not to the journalism faculty, but to Gnesinka, where she had just opened the vocal faculty. It was there that she entered, simultaneously working for the magazine Yes! as an editor. It is not for nothing that they say that fate leads the willing, but drags the unwilling. Julianne did not give up hopes of returning to the stage, and soon she had a chance that she did not fail to take advantage of. The rap group 5sta Family broke up with the soloist Olga Zasulskaya, and the guys remembered about Karaulova.

Valery Efremov and Vasily Kosinsky invited Julianne to the casting, as a result of which the singer became the new soloist of the group. Again, the girl felt happy, because she had long dreamed of singing er-nb with rap guys. At first, Karaulova received unspeakable pleasure from work. Over the years of cooperation with Julianna, 5sta Family released the album “Why”, recorded the song “Together We”, which won the “Golden Gramophone”, released a video for the song “My Melody”.


Perhaps Karaulova would have been the soloist in the group further, but after several years of joint creativity, quarrels and disagreements began. Julianne realized that it was time to go free swimming again. She could again plunge into journalism, but decided to take a chance and try her hand at a solo career. During this period, a skeptical far circle tried to undermine the singer’s self-confidence. But there was also a neighbor, relatives and friends, among whom was the performer Bianka , who wrote for Karaulova the song “You Are Not That”.


According to the singer herself, she was offered to marry three times in her life. But it never came to weddings, since the relationship, in her opinion, in the first two cases had no prospects.

 The first chosen one by the name of Paul made her an offer after six months of relationship. On New Year's Eve, both families gathered at the table - Julianne and her potential groom. He threw the ring into a glass of champagne and, having seen it, the eighteen-year-old girl immediately gave her consent. The love was too strong, but after the lapse of time Karaulova realized that she could not live her whole life with this person. Nevertheless, she calls him her best friend, with whom she still communicates.

The girl calls the second serious relationship a kind of insanity based on passion. She already soloed in the 5sta Family group when she met a certain journalist. He made her an offer at St. Mark's Square in Venice. But before that, Julianne convicted her beloved of treason, however, she forgave, not having the strength to leave.

 The girl didn’t not accept the marriage proposal, but set a condition, they will get married if within a year the beloved proves her loyalty to her. Polygamy outweighed; less than six months had passed before the situation repeated itself. The singer realized that this person would always lie to her, and she was not used to living in a lie. She parted hard, but considered such a decision the only right one.


2019 brought the singer a new breakthrough in creativity. Presentation of her new album “To be strong” took place. Also released a new video "Best Enemy", the premiere of the single "Arividerchi". In the spring of the same year, Karaulova was invited to the “Battle of Talents” at STS as a mentor. In the fall, the light saw the video for the song "Dancing on the Nerves", where they saw Julia in an unusual way - with dark hair.

On rare weekends, Julianna tries to sleep off. She likes to be at home, most likely because it rarely happens. He likes to have breakfast slowly, to meet with his grandmother, parents, friends. And, of course, she enjoys spending time with a loved one.

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