Lesha Bankes: Biography and music career

Published At: 26 February 2020 , 12:00 PM

Famous singer, famous for the invitation to the team Timati. Previously, he did not receive any musical education, but has proved himself on the TNT show "Songs" he managed to gain severe popularity and the hearts of female fans. This article will describe the biography of the new Russian star, around which there was a serious discussion on the net.

The real name of Lesha Bankes is not very different from his creative pseudonym - Alexey Bankes. Like many creative personalities, he was born in the cultural capital - St. Petersburg on August 13, 1997.

A beautiful story about a guy from a low-income family who has achieved great heights is not about our hero. Or rather, partly about him, because Alexei's parents are wealthy people who allowed his son to buy an expensive car and travel regularly even before his popularity. Bankes of medium height - 180 cm with a weight of 78 kg.

Lesha Bankes studied in the humanitarian direction, studying foreign languages. Like any successful person, he went in for sports, which formed, as Alexey himself says, "character and core": it was a struggle and mixed martial arts. It is often difficult for creative people to play sports, and in 2016, Bankes decided to leave it, as he rethought many things in life, still being a non-aggressive person.

Over time, knowledge of foreign languages ​​came in handy to Alexei, and he entered the Faculty of International Relations at St. Petersburg State University, but quickly abandoned this business, devoting himself to creativity. Before gaining fame in the songcraft, Alexey starred in commercials.

Bankes career and career

Aleksey Bankes began his career in the role of a singer very quickly when he created a channel on Youtube and shared creative compositions, including various covers, with the audience.

As already mentioned, Lesha never studied music. Still, because of his pleasant natural data in the form of voice and charisma, he achieved success on the "Songs" project, where he was positively appreciated by not the most recent show business people: Maxim Fadeev, Timati and Semen Slepakov. Banquet's song turned out to be lyrical and conquered the audience, where the applause and positive feedback from all the jury members started the new life of Alexei Bankes.

However, once in the team of Timati, in the future everything turned out to be a shock for the audience: Timur Yunusov already sent Bankes home at the beginning of the project, not recognizing his talent, which outraged thousands of project viewers and fans of the new "star" and the main favorite of the project. This was doubly surprising because it was Timati who spoke most highly of all about the guy's talent. Still, it seems that Lesha's stubborn nature already affected the project's camp, which influenced the team's decision. The hashtag # return bank banks and calls to the organizers for a long time went on the Internet but to no avail.

Personal life

Lesha Bankes is not a fan of revealing the details of his personal life, because it is only known about her that the singer is not married. He has a wide circle of acquaintances, but not many close people.

After a storm of support, he posted a post on the Internet, assuring his fans that he was fine and thanked him for his support, adding that the show was a great lesson for him that would not make Lesha leave his work.

On the contrary, he plans to continue to record author albums, shoot videos and delight his already small fan crowd, proving that the failure on the show "Songs" was an accident.