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Published At: 02 November 2019 , 06:51 AM


Nargiz Zakirova is a singer who has come a long and difficult path to fame. Prior to participating in the famous Golos show project, Nargiz sang in restaurants in New York, where the Russian diaspora gathered, but was not afraid of difficulties and once decided to change her life by participating in the Golos show. And she did it.

Nargiz is the owner of many music awards, from 2013 to 2017 she was awarded the Golden Gramophone, the MUSICBOX and the awards from the Sound Track section, and she repeatedly became the laureate of the Song of the Year festival.


Nargiz Zakirova comes from a family of Uzbek musicians famous throughout the Soviet Union. The singer’s grandfather, Karim Zakirov, People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR, was an opera singer, a leading artist of the Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Uzbekistan. Grandmother Nargiz was a Tashkent artist, singer and dancer.

Six children of Karim Zakirov and his wife Shoista Saidova, five sons and a daughter, inherited a parental love for music and chose creative professions, but three were able to achieve significant success. Farrukh Zakirov became famous as a soloist of the popular vocal collective Yalla. Batyr became an artist and writer, but at the beginning of his career he acted in films and was a singer, and Louise performed in his ensemble.

Music introduced her future husband to Louise Karimovna. Pulat Mordukhaev, Bukhara Jew by nationality, was accepted as a drummer into the collective of her brother Batyr and soon after meeting he married her.

The daughter of Louise and Pulat was born on October 6, 1970. Parents wanted to name the newborn Camilla, but grandfather insisted on a name that, several decades later, would be louder than the names of all representatives of their glorious dynasty, Nargiz. “I was never afraid of difficulties, maybe that's why my Nargiz grew up so strong and brave,” recalled Louise.

According to Nargiz, her life from the very first years was permeated with music, already at the age of four she first appeared on the stage. In 1974, the director Mark Zakharov, together with Batyr Zakirov, staged the musical performance Sinbad-Sailor on the stage of the Tashkent Music Hall, in which Louise Zakirova played the bride of the protagonist.

During rehearsals, Nargiz hid behind the curtains and sang along with the artists in an undertone. When a Hippo character appeared in the production, who was supposed to perform the song "Smile", it turned out that none of the singers could perform the song in a subtle childish voice. While the adults decided who would perform the song, Nargiz swirled around them, struggling to attract attention, danced and sang, and, of course, received permission to perform the song for Hippo Katya, whose role was played by an adult artist. The song "Smile" the little singer performed backstage, but at the end of the play Nargiz went out to bow with other artists.

At the festival of young performers "Jurmala-86" she performed the song "Remember Me" by her uncle Farrukh and poet Ilya Reznik . There were many worthy performers at the festival, for example, Muscovite Olga Kormukhina with the song “Height”. Against the background of more experienced and vibrant performers, the fifteen-year-old Nargiz, in her own words, looked modest and not bright enough and therefore was only awarded the prize of audience sympathy.

After graduating from school, Nargiz entered the department of pop vocal at the Circus School. Two years after performing at Jurmala, a young singer from Tashkent was invited to the popular TV program for children and adolescents “Under 16 and older”.

Answering the question of the host, Nargiz admitted that she still does not know musical notation and learns songs by ear. Nargiz also shared the dream of once organizing a contest for everyone who loves to sing. Many years will pass, and she will take part in the contest, which she accurately described in the Soviet program, and it will be called “Voice”.


In 1995, the singer’s parents emigrated to New York, where several members of the Zakirov dynasty already lived. Nargiz, 25, had a hard time in a foreign country, she did not know English at all, because she studied French at school. Her first job was a salon in which video tapes were sold. She earned only two and a half dollars per hour, and this could go on forever, if not for the intervention of fortune.

In 1997, she and her husband met in a restaurant with singer Philippe Balzano. Philip was a bright and unique artist, along with him she performed a song in that New York restaurant, and, having heard their duet, the owner of the establishment offered her a permanent job.


Nargiz learned about the vocal show “The Voice” from a commercial on a Russian television channel, which they often watched with the whole family. The competition made her interested in the fact that for the participant, appearance, nationality, merit, and even education had absolutely no significance. After Nargiz filled out a questionnaire on the project website, the organizers immediately called her back. The case was resolved. Nargiz did not wait for the call from The X-Factor and flew to Moscow.


 The first husband of the artist and the father of her first daughter was Ruslan Sharipov, a member of the Tashkent rock band "Byte", who performed music in the style of the popular Swedish band Europe in the 80s and 90s.

The wedding of Nargiz and Ruslan took place a month and a half after the first meeting. Shortly after the birth of Sabina’s daughter, the young couple realized that they were in a hurry. Sharipov’s betrayal with a young Korean was the turning point. Nargiz, a one-love woman by nature, could not forgive the betrayal. 

According to Nargiz, she parted easily with Sharipov. For all the time that has passed since their divorce, the ex-husband called her only four times, the fate of his daughter did not interest him at all.

The second husband of the star was Yernur Kanaybekov, with whom she met shortly before leaving for the United States. When Nargiz emigrated, she was six months pregnant. Left without a husband, Yernur arrived later. A solemn family reunion did not occur: the meeting after a long separation was cold, the man showed more attention to his son than to his wife.

In 2017, Philip also tried to conquer the Russians and became a participant in the seventh season of the Voice show show project. According to him, he could not come to terms with the departure of Nargiz and did not meet a new love. A little later, the singer said that her husband exerted moral pressure on her and lived on his wife’s money. She fulfilled all the whims of Philip, but when he owed several hundred thousand dollars to doubtful creditors, Nargiz could not stand it. After the breakup, her ex-husband threatened her and Auriel.


 With a new program, in which there are no songs written by Maxim Fadeev, in the fall of 2019, the artist went on tour in Kirov, Perm, Krasnogorsk and several other Russian cities.

The media called Nargiz a speech at the Ussuriysky Officers' House at the end of October 2019 as “scandalous” and “drunk”.

Despite the fact that many spectators who were dissatisfied with the concert of the singer, talk about her drunken tricks and mention the bottle of whiskey from which she supposedly drank while on stage, on the video Nargiz looks as usual and behaves in her own shocking and emotional style . There is no bottle in her hands. The singer claims that rumors about her drunkenness are spreading by her former producer, who unilaterally terminated the contract with her. 

This is not the first time that Fadeev has tried to denigrate the name of the former ward. So, Nargiz suspects that it was the producer who ordered one “yellow” edition an article from the “sorceress,” who explained the singer’s failure to be addicted to alcohol. The fact that rumors of “alcoholism” Nargiz appeared just after a quarrel with Fadeev, makes you think.

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