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Published At: 29 October 2019 , 10:59 AM


Nastya is a stunningly beautiful owner of bright, clean vocals, a participant in the duet Potap and Nastya, popular in Ukraine and beyond. The girl was repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful woman, Independent, but received a million-strong army of fans, not thanks to her luxurious forms, but due to her talent and naturalness. Nastya loves to try on a variety of images, embodying all of Potap’s crazy and creative ideas.


Anastasia Alekseevna Kamensky was born in Kiev on May 4, 1987. Her mother, Lidia Petrovna Kamensky, is a singer of the Grigory Verevka National Academic Folk Choir, and her father, Alexei Iosifovich Zhmur, a versatile person, was the captain of the Dynamo volleyball team, and later the concert director of the same Verevka choir. Nastya has no brothers and sisters.

“I had the childhood of a traveling frog,” Nastya recalled with warmth. At that age, when many children could not go to the store for bread on their own, she had already visited abroad, moreover, without her parents' escort. Thanks to the international exchange program for preschoolers, five-year-old Nastya lived for some time in France, where she, however, did not really like it, so soon the girl went to Italy, to Naples. There she made loyal friends, developed a warm relationship with the host family, therefore, over the next seven years, every year for six months she returned to them on the Apennine Peninsula.

But Nastya always remembered that at home, in Ukraine, a loving family was waiting for her. Although at that time her parents did not live well, they did everything possible to ensure that the girl freely developed her talents. At the age of six, Nastya was enrolled in a music school, where, on the advice of her parents, she began to take vocal lessons. Another serious hobby of the baby is ballet, which she professionally practiced for 8 years. Subsequently, a hobby for tennis was added to the creative hobby. And all this Nastya successfully combined with her studies at gymnasium No. 56.

The singer is sure that she fully owes her success to her parents, who taught her to iron discipline and instilled the ability to properly allocate her time.

After graduating from school, the future celebrity entered the Faculty of Economics of the Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Institute (Ukrainian branch of Wisconsin International University), choosing the specialty "Foreign Economic Activity". 


 The first steps towards glory Nastya Kamensky made in 2004. Then the 16-year-old girl tried her luck at the Black Sea Games festival and won the grand prix. A year later, the singer was waiting for the first recognition on the international stage, namely in London, A very young girl stood on the stage surrounded by Ukrainian celebrities - the winner of Eurovision Ruslana and the leader of Ocean Elsa Svyatoslav Vakarchuk , who then seemed to Nastya to be unattainable world stars. 

The duet "Potap and Nastya" was born shortly after these events, in 2006,. He took upon himself the duties of a producer, a vocalist, a songwriter, a clip maker, and a screenwriter ... All that was needed was a spectacular, beautiful girl with outstanding vocal abilities to sing along. Acquaintances from the music business recommended that he meet with Nastya.

The first song that blew up the charts was the song “Without Love”, to which a clip was shot with a fair amount of shocking and humor. “I writhe a glamorous fool, Potap portrays a pathos stray,” Nastya told about the style of their duet.


Due to the phenomenal popularity of the duet with Potap, Nastya Kamensky became a frequent guest on television. In 2008, she, along with Garik Kharlamov, took part in the second season of the show "Two Stars". The couple felt confident, but still dropped out by the results of a spectator vote, and the duo Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Dmitry Dyuzhev won the first place .

 A little later, Nastya was invited to the show "I Dance for You" (an analogue of the Russian show "Dancing on the Parquet"), where she demonstrated her vocal skills, as well as the wonders of choreography. However, two weeks after the start, Nastya left the program for a tour in Germany, despite the contract signed with the channel’s management.

In 2008, Potap and Nastya were invited to star in the musical Little Red Riding Hood: they played the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, respectively. Laima Vaikule acted as Shapochka’s mom , and stars such as Timati , who played the biker, Ani Lorak , reincarnated as the Sleeping Beauty, and Philip Kirkorov , who appeared as ... grandmother , also were involved in the picture .

Nastya Kamenskih managed to try her hand at modeling. True, she decided to become a fashion model not for the sake of money and fame, but for her own interest. The girl did not like to walk on the catwalk, since the kitchen of the modeling business plunged her into shock. Nastya saw in the model behind the scenes only envy and intrigue, and after several exits on the stage as a model, the girl left the “cruel” business.


 On the eve of filming her first clip, Nastya Kamensky had a terrible accident. The details of this chilling story became known to the public much later. 

On that fateful day, the girl, along with her lover, 19-year-old Vladimir, went to celebrate the birthday of his younger sister Marusya - she turned 15. She was accompanied by the parents of a young man, as well as her second sister Sonya. 

They drove slowly along the highway, when suddenly the car shook. The next thing that Nastya saw was the blue sky, then the grass, and again the sky ... After the fifth round, the girl lost consciousness.

In July 2016, the girl was waiting for another test. The singer was never fond of extreme sports, but nevertheless decided to experience new sensations, jumping with a parachute. He did not open. Fortunately, Nastya flew in tandem with an instructor who saved the situation. On a reserve parachute, they flew down, but the fall still turned out too fast. At some point, an idea flashed through Nastya’s head: “I won’t survive!”


Already in college, the dark-skinned curly beauty had no end to the fans. Among all the contenders for her heart, she chose older men. But very quickly, Nastya realized that she could not endure the constant patronizing attitude of her gentlemen. According to her, she felt like a kind of status attribute, an appendage to an expensive car or a luxury watch.

A very different attitude towards her was shown by her classmate, Volodya Dyatlov. After two years of friendship, she suddenly realized that she felt something more for the guy.

Once, one of the singer’s ardent admirers created a fake page of Nastya Kamenskih on the VKontakte social network, and even posted photos of some baby with the caption “My daughter Margarita. She’s already 2 months. " In fact, Nastya Kamensky has no children yet, but motherhood occupies an important part in her plans: “I often dream of children. There is love in my life now, but I already realized that the personal needs to be protected. I will tell about it when I am ready. And I’m sure: the Universe will send me children when the time comes. ”


 In October 2017, Nastya and Potap upset fans of their inimitable duet - “we put the duet on pause.” However, the musicians promised to present the surprise as a farewell gift.

Nastya began a solo career under the pseudonym NK. Clipmaker Alan Badoev helped the singer with the first video for the song # this night. The genre of her solo work is future pop.

In May 2019, Potap and Nastya announced their wedding, although many fans of the duo are still confident that this is a PR

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