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Published At: 21 August 2020 , 06:34 PM

Career: singer, composer, designer, blogger

Date of Birth: 17 August 1964

Age: 56 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Growth: 168

Family status: divorced


In the early 90s, the name of Natalia Vetlitskaya was on everyone's lips, her concerts gathered full halls, and the top songs "Look in the eyes", "Soul", "But don't tell me" were known by heart throughout the post-Soviet space. Natalia was called the sex symbol of Russia. In an instant, she eclipsed the rest of the performers, becoming one of the most famous stars of the 90s.

Childhood and youth

The singer was born in August 1964 in Moscow. The native girls loved music: mother Evgenia Ivanovna played the piano professionally, and Igor Arsenievich, a nuclear physicist by profession, loved opera. At an early age, the girl fell in love with the piano; she studied at a music school and graduated with honors as an external student.

Natalia was fond of ballet, attended a ballroom dance school, where she got by mistake. Then the girl was waiting for her friend, with whom the teachers confused her and were enrolled in a group with other children. She dreamed of becoming a singer, then a ballerina, or a doctor, and so she could not decide on a future career.

After school, the girl continued her ballet classes and became a dance teacher for children. In her youth, Natalya participated in amateur competitions, and also toured at one time with the Recital ballet troupe.

Music and creativity

Natalya Igorevna got into the music industry by accident, when her friend invited her to the Rondo group as a backing vocalist and dancer. A short (height 168 cm), the slender girl looked spectacular in her new role. Here she was noticed by the director of the Mirage group. He invited Natasha to replace Natalia Gulkina, who had previously left the project. In the wake of her first popularity, the girl decides to pursue a solo career and already in 1989, leaves the Mirage. In 1992, the singer's debut "Look in the Eyes" was released, instantly elevating the singer to fame. The video for the same name's song was released for the young star by the beginning director Fyodor Bondarchuk. As conceived by the director, Natalya appeared on the screen in the form of Madonna.

Later, singer Dmitry Malikov, who was the beloved of the artist, as a birthday present, gave Vetlitskaya the song "Soul", which made her a celebrity. Gradually, her repertoire changed, new compositions appeared, which gave many of her fans hope to continue their career, but the situation soon changed. 

Vetlitskaya recorded several more discs, the last one in her discography was titled "My Beloved ..." and was published in 2004. By that time, the vocalist's career was on the decline. The compositions "Playboy", "Flame of Passion", "Whiskey Eyes," and "Study Me" become the last popular hits of the singer.

In 1999, the celebrity for the first time showed a civic position and took up charity work, taking on financial support from a neuropsychiatric hospital for children near Moscow.

At the end of her musical career, Natalya started her blog on the Web, which more than once became the cause of scandals in the Russian press. The first resonant article, written in the form of a fairy tale, appeared in 2011 and unequivocally hinted at a private concert for government members.

In Denia's Spanish town, where the artist moved, she took up the design and restoration of interiors. After the restoration of old houses, the artist participates in their sale. Natalia does not forget about creativity in addition to business: she continues to write music and lyrics.

In mid-2018, the singer visited Russia, where she became a guest of the AFP-2018 electronic music festival held in Nizhny Novgorod. The star of the 90s appeared on Instagram by Gosha Rostovshchikov, who accompanied her at the event.

Personal life

Vetlitskaya's personal life was no less turbulent than her career. The singer will be remembered by fans for marriages, as well as love affairs with famous men. She was officially married four times and was in 5 civil marriages. Musician Pavel Smeyan became Natalia's first husband. At that time, the girl was 17 years old, and this relationship meant a lot to her. Thanks to her husband, she began to think about a singer's career. But family life did not work out. Paul began to abuse alcohol and beat his wife. As a result, Vetlitskaya filed for divorce.

Soon the girl met an equally talented composer and performer Dmitry Malikov, who dedicated several songs to her. Together they spent three years and quietly parted. According to Dmitry, the reason was the singer's betrayal.

The singer met her second husband on the set of "New Year's Light". The young artist Zhenya Belousov became her chosen one. After three months, the lovers decided to get married. This marriage lasted only nine days, and Belousov went on tour with Integral.

Among the artist's subsequent chosen ones were producer Pavel Vashchekin, young singer Vlad Stashevsky, oligarch Suleiman Kerimov, producer Mikhail Topalov. The singer was also married to a fashion model Kiril Kirin, who worked for the king of the Russian stage, Philip Kirkorov, and to yoga coach Alexei, from whom she gave birth to a daughter Ulyana in 2004.

Natalia Vetlitskaya now

In November 2019, Natalya Vetlitskaya announced her return to the stage. Her concert program "20 X 2020" will be presented in St. Petersburg at the Oktyabrsky Big Concert Hall and Moscow at the Crocus City Hall in October 2020.

The artist announced her return on Andrey Malakhov's program, "Hello, Andrey! ". The interview was recorded not in Ostankino, but a hotel room. The performer appeared in front of the camera with bright makeup, camouflage cargo pants, and a Sharon Stone hairdo.

In an interview with the TV presenter, Natalya announced that she is now in Russia. According to rumors, the shooting of the star of the 90s cost the TV journalist a round sum. Andrei mentioned that for the sake of an interview with Vetlitskaya, he lost his 13th salary.