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Published At: 30 October 2019 , 10:16 AM


Nikita Vyacheslavovich Kiosse is the winner of the “I Want to Meladze” music project, the vocalist of the MBAND band , whose voice and bright appearance won the hearts of thousands of fans.

He is the youngest member of the collective, but at the same time the most sophisticated - before MBAND he had considerable experience in performing in rating children's song festivals, including the Ukrainian Voice. Children ”,“ Paradise Holiday ”,“ Children's New Wave ”,“ Baltic Stars ”,“ Junior Eurovision ”.

As part of the youth boy band, created as an analogue of the world-famous One Direction band, the young talent won such prestigious music awards as the Golden Gramophone, RU.TV, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, and Fashion People Awards-2015 ".


 The idol of teenagers was born on April 13, 1998 in the city of Ryazan. Kiosse is the singer's real name. Nikita's parents divorced when he was little, his mother married a second time and took the name of her new husband - Gavrilov. This fact caused a lot of rumors that Nikita uses a pseudonym.

His parents have nothing to do with the world of art, nor with show business. Nikita's mom is a doctor, stepfather is a football coach.

In an effort to give their child as much as possible, at the age of 7, their parents recorded Nikita at the Constellation of Good musical theater, where the boy, who preferred skate and football, was expected to attend classes in dance, vocals, music and stage skills.

At first he went to the theater with reluctance, but soon he was imbued with singing, and dance, and other disciplines. More - more: he himself demonstrated great musicality and stage charm. He took part in many concerts of his team, including performance at the international competition of children's art "Sunny Bunny". 

In 2010, at a vocal show, his singing was heard by pop artist Svetlana Svetikova, who was sitting on the jury . Nikita liked the singer so much that she sang a duet with him. “In this 12-year-old Ryazan, I saw myself in my youth. I also performed at children's competitions, but I did not have any support, ”Sveta said.

At age 12, a talented teenager was on the stage of the Moscow Operetta Theater. He got the role of a ghost boy in the Broadway-level musical The Count of Monte Cristo, who became the record holder in Russia for the duration of the rental. The budding artist took his first fee to parents. 


Periodically, the young vocalist visited his grandmother in the city of Chernivtsi (Ukraine), where he continued to engage in the development of his musical abilities. In the summer of 2012, he participated in the national qualifying rounds of “Junior Eurovision” in Artek, where he performed the song “Icarus” in Ukrainian and took the 4th place in the final of the selection.

On that day, his talent was appreciated by the representatives of the Kiev production center PARADIZ present at the event, and the favorite of the audience received an invitation to study. Together with her mother, they moved to Kiev. There, Nikita took on highly qualified specialists who contributed to the disclosure of his creative potential, the formation of musical taste and culture. Thanks to the acquired skills and support, Nikita was at the “New Wave Children's” festival held in Yalta, but he failed to win.

The next important step on the way to the musical Olympus was his performance in the vocal competition “Voice. Children "from November 2012 to January 2013. His soulful rendition of Eric Carmen's All by Myself impressed both the public and the judges.

He chose Tina Karol as his mentor . Under her leadership, the gifted performer reached the final, miraculously sang Ocean Elsa’s song “Let It Go” (“Let Go”), but did not win again. However, he gained invaluable experience, and he got a huge number of fans. About 80 fans arrived at his first meeting with fans after the show. He rightly called his participation in the project the start of a professional career.

The ninth grade of Kiosse had to end externally. Then he entered the theater college at the theater of Oleg Tabakov and, simultaneously with his studies, performed in concert shows in dance classes with famous pop singers ("A'Studio", Irina Dubtsova , Sergey Lazarev), soloed in the trio "Last Romantics". 


 In the spring of 2014, the guru of domestic show business Konstantin Meladze announced the start of the casting to participate in a new vocal competition - “I Want to Meladze”. According to the results of the competition, the winners were to form a boy band under the mentorship of Meladze himself.

Kiosse immediately realized that this contest is a great chance to make an application for a professional career. He had to drop out of college, despite the fact that his relatives were categorically against such a decision. 

He went on a casting for show talents, flawlessly performing the composition of Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn “Kissing another”. He immediately fell into the team of Sergei Lazarev , then went to the finals of the song competition and became his winner, despite all the difficulties and upheavals. So, he had to perform in the semi-finals together with the Factory group. Before the performance, an open jar of pink paint fell on him, but this did not stop him from losing his temper to sing his part in the song “Fly Out” of the pop group A'Studio.

It was not easy during the performance of James Arthur’s song “Impossible”. It is difficult to sing with dignity and look beautiful, standing, without the ability to move, in a kind of either a pedestal, or a flower pot, as required by the number.

Nevertheless, having received extremely enthusiastic comments and public approval, he joined the created boy band MBAND. Four guys - Kiosse, Vladislav Ramm, Anatoly Tsoi and Artem Pindyura - became winners and received the most valuable prize for the aspiring singer - a contract with Meladze. 


During the grand finale of the show, the guys performed the new song “She Will Return” by the authorship (Artyom Pindyura also participated in the spelling). Her single caused a real stir among the public, reaching heights in the charts of the CIS countries. A month later, in December 2014, a video shot for this song appeared. Six months later, his views on YouTube reached 15 million.

In February 2015, Kiosse as part of a boy band went on a tour, which began with their performance on Valentine's Day at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex as part of the Big Love Show festival.

 In March, the second single, “Give Me”, was presented to the audience. It was created by Meladze together with his wards - Nikita was a co-author of text and music, Artem - words. In May, the premiere of the third single of authorship of the master - "Look at me." A month later, a video was released for this song, shot in the Ukrainian capital. Nyusha participated in its production , and unexpectedly Meladze himself appeared in the image of a gardener. And again, the singers were accompanied by success, recognition, a number of prizes and titles


 The heart of a young sex symbol, often called the Ukrainian Justin Bieber , is still free. He is fully focused on his career and creativity. But this is official information, because as a boy band member he can be bound by a contract prohibiting the promotion of romantic relationships. In the fall of 2016, the singer was caught at the premiere of the film “Fix It” - he spoke closely with blogger Maria Sokolova, and at the end of the evening he even kissed her.


April 2016, the debut of the young artist in the cinema took place. The debut was the role of the romantic comedy "Fix It." By the way, the soundtrack to the picture was their single of the same name. According to the plot, members of the pop group fall into the breakup of the group. They owed a media personality named Star, whose role was played by Nikolai Baskov . Trying to find money without prejudice to their team, friends get involved in an adventure and try to find a way out, preserving their dignity and authority.

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