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Published At: 28 August 2020 , 04:38 AM

Oxxxymiron (Oksimiron). Real name - Miron Yanovich Fedorov. He Was born on January 31, 1985, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Russian rapper, songwriter. Miron Fedorov, who became known as Oksimiron, was born on January 31, 1985, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) into a Jewish family. Father - Yan Valerievich Fedorov, theoretical physicist, doctor of sciences. In the first grade, I went to the St. Petersburg secondary school number 185. At the age of 9, he and his family moved to Germany, settled in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia). There he studied at the gymnasium. Maria Wechtler - Maria-Wächtler-Gymnasiumrude. As Miron said, his relationship with German peers did not work out (this theme was later reflected in his song "The Last Call"). From the age of 13, he began to try himself in rap under the pseudonym Myth - a derivative of Miron Fedorov. His partner was a particular Saga, who later became a drug addict. According to Oksimiron, he "was sure that I was the first person to rap in Russian." However, after a trip to his homeland, he realized that he would not get the glory of the founder of Russian rap. He released his first track "Demo-freestyle in bardcore style", they recorded away with the performer VeTaL from the iSQUAD group called "Vityazi verbiage".

Oksimiron in childhood

At the age of 15, he and his family moved to Slough (Berkshire, UK). In 2004 he entered the Oxford School of English Language and Literature. In 2006 he was diagnosed with "manic-depressive psychosis", for this reason, he was expelled from the university. But then he did it again. In June 2008, he received a diploma from Oxford with a degree in medieval English literature. After studying at Oxford, Myron moved to live in the East End. I could not find a job by profession, worked as a cashier, translator, loader, guide, stall, tutor, entertainer, consultant, etc. A new social circle, consisting of Russian-speaking emigrants, pushed Miron to return to hip-hop. He began to study music under the pseudonym Oxxxymiron, which appeared as a combination of the name with the literary term "oxymoron" (oxymoron) and triple X, referring to a large amount of foul language in his songs.

In 2008 his track "London Against All" was released. At this time he was noticed by Optik Russiarude - the German label of Russian-speaking immigrants. At the expense of the brand, Miron earned the first wave of listeners, and also met Dmitry Hinter, better known as Schokk, who is in the same label. This year, Miron's first video "I am a hater" was released. In the same year, he became the winner in the category "Discovery 2009" and a prize-winner in the category "Best Hip-Hop Artist 2009". In the fall of 2011, Oxxxymiron, Schokk and Ivan "Vanya Lenin" Karay created the Vagabund label (Rus: "Wanderer"), under which the albums "From the Highway" by Schokk and "Eternal Jew" by Miron were released, which received a large number of positive reviews. Both albums were released on the same day on September 15, 2011, and Vagabund embarked on a joint tour of the CIS countries. On October 30, 2011, he gave his last concert as part of the Vagabund team, with the participation of Kripl. On November 1, 2011, after the Vagabund Conflict with Roma Zhigan, Oksimiron announced his departure from the label. On March 12, 2012, the internet release miXXXtape I took place, which contains the most successful verses from the songs recorded in the period from 2008 to 2011.

On October 18, 2013, miXXXtape II: The Long Way Home was released. The second mixtape contains songs recorded in 2012-2013, in between which there are mixed extracts from Myron's performance on the Versus rap battle, where his opponent was Cripple. The confrontation between Oksimiron and Krip-A-Krip, which ended with the victory of Miron, became the third issue of Versus Battle. On April 11, 2014, a rap battle took place against Dunya, better known as Alexander Parkhomenko. The match itself took place in Moscow, at an open Main Event. Oxxxymiron won the victory. On April 12, 2015, season 3 of Versus Battle started. The first release was the Oxxxymiron vs Johnyboy, in which Oxxxymiron won a landslide victory, all the judges voted for Miron. The battle itself scored 1 million views on YouTube per day, which became a record for views of fighting. Oxxxymiron attracted the attention of the organizers of the Canadian rap-battle site King of the Dot and one of the best battle MCs in the world - Dizaster. In 2015, the series "Londongrad" was released, directed by screenwriter Mikhail Idov and based on the adventures of Miron in London. On August 25, 2015, the premiere of the video for the song "Londongrad", written specifically for the series of the same name, took place. On September 21, the premiere of the video for the song "City under the Sole" took place, which had previously been performed only at concerts. November 13, 2015, a new album called "Gorgorod".

Scandals and conflicts of Oksimiron 

During the October Events tour in 2010, the slogan "Fuck Castu!" Appeared, which would later personify Vagabund. The main version of the appearance of this slogan is as follows: during the performance of Sokka and Oxy in one of the clubs of Ukraine in a neighbouring club of the city, the version of the group "Casta" was planned. The Ukrainian monopoly organizer of Russian rap concerts Nota tried to interfere with the performance of Oxy and Shokka out of fear that the latter would take away part of the audience from the Casta concerts. Just after that, Schokk and Oxxxymiron chanted the above slogan at all their joint shows and even in the tracks. Their fans quickly picked this up. Later, as a member of the "Caste" Shym said, Miron apologized to the group for speaking out in their direction and shook hands with everyone.

Oksimiron's personal life: 

The artist does not like to talk about his personal life. He Was married. He mentioned his wife in the song "Yeti and Children": "I became a star. You would be completely stupid, seeing how I live with my wife in a one-room kennel. "According to some reports, he married in the summer of 2007; there were only close friends at the wedding. The couple divorced a year later. He was credited with having a relationship with Sonia Grese and Sonia Dukk. However, he did not give any comments on this topic.