Oxygen masks: how they work and whether you need them

Published At: 13 January 2020 , 06:17 PM

How it works

The first oxygen masks came to us from Korea: first, cream-based products were at the peak of popularity, and then clay and fabric gradually replaced them. Oxygen itself is necessary to maintain the skin's water balance. If it broke, the skin immediately hints at it to you - increased dryness, irritation and a faded tone.

The main components of the oxygen mask - fluorocarbon and aquafeed - combine with oxygen, break it down to molecules and in this state easily convey to the deepest layers of the skin. This process accompanied by a characteristic burst, foaming and a uniformly spreading feeling of freshness - perhaps one of the most pleasant points of the procedure.

Owners of oily skin immediately felt love for her, since the effect of the first oxygen masks consisted precisely in cleansing the pores and evening out the tone of the face. Today, their formulas have made significant progress: there are separate types of oxygen masks for moisturizing, nourishing, shining and smoothing the skin of the face.

As a rule, you have to choose between fabric and cream masks. Here, cosmetologists advise trusting the taste: concerning oxygen masks, the texture does not play a significant role, and this is its unambiguous plus.

Question of efficiency

Feeling sensations, but the results are still in the first place. And here it is essential to understand the features of two types of oxygen masks - for home use and those that offered in beauty salons.

Oxygen masks, which you can safely enjoy while lying on the bed, boast a full range of functions that attributed to them: cleansing, normalizing water balance, and evening complexion. However, if you compare it with a full-fledged procedure in a beauty salon, the difference becomes more obvious.

Purchased oxygen masks can maintain healthy skin, but are unlikely to help achieve significant improvements. Another thing is their professional counterparts, which are called by the common word "oxygen lifting."

This procedure functionally acts on wrinkles, wrinkles, redness and acne, that is, it does not just mask skin defects for a short time, but fights them from the inside. Antioxidants, fortified complexes that make up the mask go into battle. It applied using a particular device - an airbrush - to previously cleansed face skin. This apparatus helps oxygen reach the very depths of the dermis. The result - the skin looks fresher, toned and healthy. For stability, the result of the procedure advised being repeated weekly for a month. After that, you can safely part with a beautician for six months.

Who should try

An oxygen mask promises to create a real miracle with your skin - moisturize, cleanse your pores, improve blood microcirculation and relieve oily sheen. In reality, the result of its application always varies and depends on individual characteristics. If you are the owner of oily or oily-prone skin, then you should buy a pair of oxygen masks for a relaxing Saturday evening or find time and energy to go to the beauty salon.

In all other situations, an oxygen mask can be replaced with tonics, fluids and moisturizers with a light texture. True, it is tough to deny yourself such a pleasant and energizing beauty ritual, such as an oxygen mask.