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Polina Gagarina is one of the brightest and most talented singers in Russian show business, an actress, composer, and model. Winner of the "Factory of Stars-2" contest, silver medalist of "Eurovision-2015". Performer of many hits, mentor of “Voice”. Participant in the most popular Asian professional contest, The Singer, held in China. A blogger with over seven million Instagram followers. A caring mother of two children, a loving wife and daughter.


The girl, born in the spring of 1987 in the family of a doctor Sergei Gagarin and ballerina Ekaterina Muchkaeva, was named Polina. The singer also has a half-sister Irina, Sergey’s daughter from her first marriage.

The baby’s childhood passed between Moscow, Saratov and Greece, where mother worked for several years, the soloist of the famous “Birch”. Her daughter spent three years there, from 4 to 7 years old, graduating from first grade at a local school and learning the basics of the Greek language. The father lived and worked in Moscow at that time, visiting his wife and daughter from time to time or meeting them at the Moscow airport on holidays. But in the future, Pauline often spent summer in hospitable Greece.

One of Polina's vivid childhood memories was the New Year holidays with her family. When she was five years old, she decided to wait for Santa Claus to the last. Relatives were sitting at the festive table, and the girl suddenly announced that until he arrived, she would not sleep. Uncle Sasha sighed, looked at his sister, and left the room. After a couple of minutes there was a demanding knock on the door. Polka swept over in search of a fox-sister costume donated by her parents. And everyone knocked on the door. And then Santa Claus came in - in a cotton beard and a sheepskin coat inside out.

When the girl’s dad suddenly died of a heart attack in 1993, it was decided that until Muchkaeva’s Greek contract expired, little Polya would live with her mother’s grandmother Lyudmila in Saratov’s sixth house on Cosmonavtov Street. My grandmother, the choreographer and the head of the Saratov naughty freckles ensemble, did not record the small but strong Polya for choreography, as these girls did not meet all the ballet requirements. But she really wanted to see her granddaughter as a star and assigned her to a music school, in addition to the secondary school, where Polina in 1994 went straight to second grade.


Even living with her mother in Athens, Fields did not feel a separation from the rest of the family. They flew on holidays to Moscow to dad, and from there all together to Saratov to grandparents. Or father and grandmother flew to them in Greece. The girl was always surrounded by uncles, aunts, cousins. Everyone gathered at a large table, sang songs, ate delicious homemade food, had unhurried conversations

“Everything changed very much when Sergey Gagarin passed away due to a heart attack, and three years after him grandmother Lucy died. Ten-year-old, but out of years adult Pauline plunged into a stupor, realizing the scale of the family tragedy.”

Mom for a long time could not move away from grief, having been widowed at thirty-three years and having lost support in life. Ekaterina Muchkaeva did not marry again, concentrating on raising her daughter. Fields clearly realized: childhood has passed, you need to behave so that your mother’s hopes come true. In Moscow, the girl graduated from high school as an external student and at the age of fifteen she became a student of the vocal faculty of a pop-jazz school, and was credited to the budget.


 As a second-year student, Polina, thanks to her teacher Natalya Andriyanova, got on a television project produced by Maxim Fadeev “Star Factory-2”. Three times a day in prime time the participants were shown on Channel One. They recognized Gagarin, said compliments, it was nice. But when she went down the subway, she was faced with the rudeness and tactlessness of others. For some reason, they tried to pinch her stealthily, but she could not even stand up for herself.


Gagarina brought success and recognition to collaboration with Konstantin Meladze , who wrote the song “I Will Never Forgive You” for her. Immediately after its premiere, the singer’s debut album, Ask the Clouds, was released. A couple of years later, Polina presented another solo album "About Me", in which almost autobiographical songs were collected. With this album, the singer marked a new stage in her life, both creative and personal.

The second decade of the 21st century began for Polina with participation in the fourth-wave Ukrainian “People's Star”. Odessa's Mikhail Dimov and Muscovite Polina Gagarina became silver medalists of the competition. Polina also replenished her repertoire with the songs “I promise” and “Shards” and became a member of the television show “Phantom of the Opera” on Channel One.

 Then Konstantin Meladze wrote for the singer “The performance is over”, a song that was not only awarded with the RU.TV Prize, but also with the Golden Gramophone, but it was also noted as the best song of the fifteenth anniversary on MUZ TV. Polina herself considers this song not just a springboard, but a booster rocket, which has gained space velocity with a motion vector strictly upward.


 Immediately upon arrival from Vienna, Gagarin went on tour across Russia and in every city where she performed, she was met as a heroine. The singer herself was disappointed that she could not take a vacation immediately after Eurovision, but soon realized that this tour helped her sublimate a tremendous nervous shock to work, and she smoothly got out of the stress associated with a responsible competition. A subsequent vacation in Crete helped her to fully recover.

Soon, the singer became a member of the Olympic torch relay in Rio de Janeiro to support Russian athletes, and then - one of the mentors of the Voice project. In the fourth season, her ward Olga Zadonskaya won third place in the competition. Her mentor, meanwhile, sang Viktor Tsoi ’s song “Cuckoo,” which became the soundtrack for Sergei Mokritsky’s drama “The Battle of Sevastopol.”


 At the age of 14, Polina became interested in a 16-year-old rock musician and proudly told everyone that she was meeting a real rocker. But if you leave out of youthful love, in the life of Polina Gagarina there were two main men.

For the first time, Polina got married at nineteen. As a student at the Moscow Art Theater, she fell in love with actor Peter Kislov ; the lover was 5 years older than Pauline. When the girl became pregnant, a man who had already been married once suggested that Gagarina marry him.

The couple formalized relations in the registry office in August 2007, and two months later their son was born, who was named Andrei. The baby was only eight months old when problems began between his parents. The actor went to Kiev to shoot, which lasted almost a year, and rare meetings with his family ended in scandals and "debriefing."


 In 2019, Polina Gagarina was recognized as the highest paid artist until the age of forty among the female half of Russian show business and the third after Basta and Dima Bilan . She also became the headliner of news feeds with the hashtag # candid photos. She is not interested in hype, today the global goal for her was to create a hit that will become popular all over the world.

 She, as before, admires talented people, including those named by her as actor Danila Kozlovsky and rapper Basta. When Pauline first heard “Samsara”, she even burst into tears, the track seemed so deeply lyrical to her. 

In 2019, Gagarina released a new music video, "Melancholy," about which a variety of opinions arose on the Internet. However, in the spring of 2019, Pauline was awarded the BraVo Award in the category "Best Singer of the Year".

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