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Published At: 29 October 2019 , 11:12 AM


Matvey Melnikov is a well-known Russian actor and rap artist, an ex-participant in the popular Soul Kitchen project. Since 2013 is an artist of Black Star Inc. He is known to the public under the pseudonym Mot. 


 The future rapper Mot was born on March 2, 1990 in the small city of Krymsk. In 1995, Matvey Melnikov moved to Krasnodar, where he lived for 10 years. Parents from an early age instilled in him not only a desire for knowledge, but also a love of creativity. Matvey, being from a small town, from childhood wanted to stand out. Music went hand in hand with him from early childhood.

 At the age of 5, Matvey began to practice ballroom, then folk dances. At the age of 10, he became a member of the Krasnodar studio of Alla Dukhova “Todes”, which at that time seemed to his parents a considerable achievement.

 Despite this, Matvey was not an exemplary and assiduous child. In childhood, he often disappeared from home for several days. He loved spending time with friends. He devoted a lot of time to sports. 

At the age of 15, Matvey Melnikov moved to Moscow, where his passion for hip-hop began. During dancing, Matvey felt an irresistible desire not only to move to the rhythm of the music, but also to lay his own recitative on top of this music. And so began his career as a rap artist. 


Thanks to the thirst for knowledge, in 2007 Matvey Melnikov graduated from high school with a gold medal, as a result of which he easily entered the Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University. In 2012, he successfully defended his diploma, he entered graduate school, continuing to pursue a career in earnest.

At first Mot wrote texts solely for his pleasure. Over time, the talented guy had a desire to record something more serious, not on a voice recorder, but in a professional studio. This happened in 2006. Collaboration with the GLSS recording studio ended with Mot becoming her official artist. 


 At the age of 19, Matvey took part in the Battle for Respect contest for the first time. As a result of a successful demonstration of his talent, he got into the “TOP 40” of several thousand participants. At this time, on the advice of Legalization, Matvey Melnikov changed his old nickname (BthaMoT2bdabot) to the current one - Mot.

After 2 years, he spoke brilliantly at the First International Hip Hop Summit. The event, held in Luzhniki, was attended by such celebrities as Raekwon and Onyx. 

At the same time, his first relax-style album was recorded, produced by lvsngh and Mikkey Vall. The album "Remote" consisted of 12 tracks, one of which was soon shot a clip "Millions of Stars". The famous musician Ilya Kireev took part in the recording of one of the songs on the album (“Cats and Mice”). 

The tracks of the album “Remote” were as harmonious and calm as possible. Mot sought to “hook” his fans with light, soulful lyrics. After the release of the album, the rap artist has a lot of fans.

In early 2012, he recorded the second album of the artist under the original name “Repair”. It consisted of 11 tracks, in the creation of which Ilya Kireev, L'One, Katya Nova, LIYA took part.

 A clip for one of the album’s songs (“To the Shores”) was shot in Matvey Melnikov’s hometown. After the presentation on October 5, 2012, the clip took one of the leading positions among Russian clips of this year, according to a survey conducted on one of the popular sites. The track “To the Shores” can be heard in the documentary “Fair Play: Hitchhiking”. 


 Being an avid fan of Spice Girls, Matvey from childhood dreamed of marrying one of the soloists of the group. His idol was the unsurpassed Emma Bunton . Matvey’s personal life is quite calm and measured. Since 2014, he met with a girl named Maria Gural. On August 5, 2016, lovers were married.

Mot now has a huge number of fans. Some even watch the guy at the entrance, which Matvey is trying to relate with the utmost understanding. The guy believes that the crowd of fans is only the cost of the profession.


 While attending Soul Kitchen parties regularly, Mot met many of Black Star Inc.'s performers. Therefore, an invitation in 2013 to their office was not a surprise to him. As a result of their collaboration in the same year, the unforgettable single “#MotSteleteChoSeli” was born. Later, a no less spectacular clip was shot on this track. After half a year, another album was recorded - Dash.

In 2014, Mot first showed his acting talent, starring in a short film called "Capsule." The director and producer of the film is Timur Yunusov. 

In the same year, the album "Azbuka Morze" was released, in the creation of which took part L'One, Timati , Misha Krupin and Nel. This is the second release released by Black Star.

By the end of 2014, a video for the song “Oxygen” appeared on the network, in the filming of which Mot took part together with the Via Gra group. 

In mid-2015, a video for the song “Day and Night” was created under his leadership. The shooting was attended by a popular star couple - presenter Olga Buzova and famous football player Dmitry Tarasov .

Now Mot is actively touring, maximally expressing himself in creativity.

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