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Published At: 02 November 2019 , 06:24 AM


Melovin is a Ukrainian singer and composer, winner of the 6th season of the vocal contest “X-Factor”, a representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest-2018. He defines the genre of his work as “pop electronics”.


The future singer Melovin (real name is Konstantin Nikolayevich Bocharov) was born on April 11, 1997 in Odessa. The artist’s mother works as an accountant, in her youth she sang in a school choir, and his father is a driver.

Kostya was introduced to the world of music by his grandmother, who presented a 4-year-old grandson with a music box. She always believed in the creative abilities of her grandson, supported him in case of failure and said that he simply had to try again and again.

“For all important events, the singer carries his grandmother's beads with him - this is his talisman for good luck”.

During his school years, Bocharov sang in the choir (and was the only boy in the group), participated in school performances, for which he often wrote scripts. He studied below average, but he was never a bully.

In 2009, the teenager became a student of the school of the National Theater "Samotsviti", and soon began to actively participate in creative contests and festivals of the city and work as a host of various events. Also, Konstantin managed to attend the auditions of various musical TV shows, but his repeated attempts constantly ended in failure. At the casting for “Ukraine Man Talent” he visited 4 times, “X-factor” - 3. 


In 2012, Konstantin got a job as an assistant administrator on the set of the series “Longest Day” with Maria Syomkina and Grigory Siyatvinda , which, however, was never completed.

The following year, the guy founded the Big HouseMelovin creative group and began performing under the pseudonym Melovin. According to the artist, his nickname is a combination of the name of the holiday of all the saints of Halloween and the name of the popular English designer Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide in 2010.

In 2014, he wrote the song “Not Alone” - Melovin considers it the starting point of his career.

In mid-2015, Bocharov went to the casting of the 6th season of the Ukrainian talent show “The X Factor”. This time, on the fourth attempt, luck smiled at the young singer: at the casting, he performed “Without a Fight” of the band “Ocean of Elsa” and became the ward of the producer Igor Kondratyuk. In parallel with the filming of the show, Konstantin studied at the Kiev Institute of Music named after R. M. Glier, in which he entered the autumn of that year.

According to the results of the contest, which ended in December, Konstantin became the winner of the season, singing a song “Confused” in a duet with Jamala .

After a landslide victory in the show, Melovin released his debut track “Not Alone”, which received a lot of positive feedback. At the beginning of 2017, the artist participated in the national selection of the Eurovision-2017 contest, in which he took only the third place (the group “O. Torvald” became the winner). However, Konstantin’s song “Wonder” quickly reached top positions in Ukraine’s music charts.

In late spring 2017, Melovin embarked on his first solo tour, and a few months later released the song “Hooligan”, co-written with British singer Ashley Hicklin, author of the immortal hit DJ Tiesto “On My Way”. In November of the same year, Konstantin presented his debut studio album entitled “Face to Face”, which included five English-language and one Ukrainian-language track.

Almost all of the singer’s songs are in English. One of them, “Hooligan,” was written by a British author who once worked with Amy Winehouse . When they ask Konstantin why he doesn’t translate the texts into Ukrainian, he replies that in Ukrainian his hits “sound like quiet horror”. However, he also has songs in his native language, for example, “Shlyakh” and “Saint in full”. 


 In an interview dated March 2018, the performer admitted that he does not have a second half, and the last serious relationship was 4 years before and lasted 5 years. Konstantin complains that he does not have time for a relationship, and he barely manages to take care of his pet - a cat.

However, Melovin assures that any girl can become the lady of his heart: he does not treat the opposite sex as a “picture”, but people with unusual thinking attract him. 

The artist calls his fans "melovinators." 

A distinctive feature of the stage image of the artist is eyes of different colors (gray, green or blue lenses are used). In this case, the right eye always remains the true color.

Bocharov's favorite performers are Louis Armstrong , Lady Gaga and John Lennon . 

The artist’s hobby is perfumery. He himself is trying to create new perfume smells. Among his hobbies are photography, cooking and chemistry. However, Konstantin admits that music will never replace these hobbies: “I am a fanatic of music - piano, keys .... I don’t want to do anything else but music. ” 


 In 2018, Konstantin presented the song “Under The Ladder” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. The lyrics for it were written by American author Mike Ryals.

In the final of the selection, the artist took first place, automatically gaining the right to represent the country at Eurovision-2018 in Lisbon. According to the results of the Euro song contest, the Ukrainian took 17th place. But the defeat did not knock the artist out of the saddle. He was amazed that his compatriots did not reproach him for his low place and congratulate him on the streets for a successful performance, waiting for new songs and videos.

 In the summer of 2018, the singer took part in the dubbing of the cartoon “Monsters on Vacation-3” in Ukrainian: he sang a kraken song.

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