#STAYHOME: the most effective home exercise with a fitness loop

Published At: 26 March 2020 , 07:02 AM

WHO calls on everyone to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus. But this is not a reason to refuse training. After all, for sports, you practically do not need anything. Only motivation. And maybe fitness loops. 

We already shared home workouts with fitness loop gum. The beauty of such sports equipment is that you can work with them anywhere, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the exercises. But, if the resistance of fitness gum is not enough for you (for example, if you have been training for a long time or are working out with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or exercise equipment), then you can always increase the complexity of standard exercises by replacing the elastic bands with fitness loops. 

Fitness loops, unlike elastic bands, are longer, so the choice of exercises that you can perform with loops is much broader. Also, the resistance level of the circle is more significant so that it can be a great alternative to a barbell or dumbbell. 

Fitness loops, like elastic bands, have a different level of resistance. That is, the load on the muscles depends on the elasticity of the circle. Therefore, the level of difficulty of the exercises will depend on the choice of the loop. For example, for stretching exercises, gums with a resistance level of 1 to 6 kg are perfect. They will be the ideal choice for those who have recently started playing sports. There are fitness loops with resistance from 6 to 10 kg, which are perfect for training the abs, arms, and back for those who have involved in sports for a long time. 

And if you want to pump the buttocks and muscles of the whole body thoroughly, then gum with a resistance of 10 to 20 kg will suit you. 

If this is not enough for you, you can take several fitness loops, put them together and do it like that. 

Elastic bands loops complicate exercises, adding the increasing load as it stretches. At the same time, there is no load on the joints, so it is much easier to deal with them than with barbells, weights, and dumbbells. 

If you have an elastic band, try the following exercises with them. 

Full body circular workout with an elastic loop

Now, because of the possibility of the spread of the coronavirus, people are being called on to be careful and not to be in crowded places if necessary. It also applies to the gym. But, as you know, training (not exhausting) has a positive effect on the immune system. Therefore, you should not refuse them if you feel fine. 

And to protect ourselves precisely, we recommend doing fitness at home. Fortunately, rubber workouts can be as effective as strength training in the gym. Anyway, fitness gums are great helpers for losing weight or creating beautiful muscle muscles. With them, you will save time on the road to the gym, protect yourself from possible infections, and, of course, will not load your joints. Oh yes, and you will no longer have excuses not to play sports at home. 

As you can see, training with elastic bands can do more good than you could expect from them. 

And so that you do not search the Web for practical exercises with elastic bands for different muscle groups, we have collected for you several mini-workouts from famous trainers, fitness bloggers, and models. You can complete several rounds of one mini-workout to turn it into a full one or combine all the exercises with elastic bands from this collection. Focus on the capabilities of your body and your goals. 

Circular workout with elastic for buttocks

Perform 15 to 20 repetitions of each exercise in a row in 3 rounds.

Upper body workout

Perform 12-20 repetitions of each exercise in a row. Make as many rounds as you can.

Workout with elastic-loop for core and abs muscles

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Do nine exercises in a row. Repeat as many circles as you can. 

Workout with rubber bands for legs 

Perform 15-20 repetitions of each exercise in a row. Make three circles. 

Workout with elastic bands for all muscle groups

Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds, taking breaks between them for rest for 10 seconds. Do as many circles as you can. 

Mini Workout with Rubber Bands

There are two exercises on the video. You can do it with a partner or fasten an elastic band on furniture. Perform as many repetitions as you can.

Note: when doing sports during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor and trainer.