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Published At: 29 October 2019 , 11:36 AM


 Svetlana Sergeevna Loboda - singer, designer, ex-soloist of VIA Gra (May-September 2004). She represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2009, where she took 12th place with the song “Be My Valentine!”. Now the artist is confidently building a career and has already earned the recognition of Alla Pugacheva herself, who has unambiguously hinted that she sees Svetlana Loboda as a successor.


 Svetlana Loboda was born in Kiev on October 18, 1982. Already in the delivery room of the Kiev maternity hospital, it became clear that the girl would become a singer. When the newborn cried for the first time, her mother said: “She’ll go to grandma ...”. And Svetlana's grandmother in the past was a soloist of the Kiev Opera House. The woman left the scene for her beloved man, who made her choose between career and family.

“Let the child scream, develop ligaments,” said Svetina's grandmother, smiling. “You look, and it will turn out for her that which did not work out for me.” By the way, Svetlana's parents recalled that in childhood, little Loboda was constantly screaming, and after learning to speak, she began to sing without stopping. 

Svetlana Loboda went to study vocals at a music school. At the same time, the girl was engaged in conducting and playing the piano. When continuous study began to tire, and from the constant playing of keyboards my fingers ached, our heroine forgot about musical notation and ran away from lessons. However, her grandmother returned her to school with the words: "We are not allowed to know our future, but I see for sure that your future is connected with music."

In addition to music, for some time Sveta was engaged in figure skating. But having knocked out her front teeth after an unsuccessful fall, the girl gained fear of skates. Only in 2017, Loboda defeated unpleasant memories and again stood on the ice, posted the video from the rink on Instagram, amazed subscribers with the skills of a skater and a fashionable outfit.

In the early biography of Svetlana there is even a little experience working in a taxi. She learned to drive early and did it perfectly, so when she got tired of changing stage costumes from her mother’s curtains and decided to earn money for new clothes, there were no problems with employment. The passengers also had no complaints - Svetlana was extremely polite and neat. But after working as a taxi driver for a week, Loboda picked up the company of their three guys, who behaved very indecently and forever discouraged the girl from wanting to tax.


During her studies, the girl began to sing as part of the Cappuccino group. The team toured Ukraine, presenting the audience mainly with a jazz repertoire. The group did not disdain anything and performed both in small clubs and in large casinos.

Then the first fans appeared at Loboda, and Svetlana gained a reputation for an original and strong vocalist. However, such work, although it was monetary, exhausted the singer and did not bring any moral satisfaction. The girl did not see prospects for creativity and left the group. 

While working at Cappuccino, Svetlana Loboda decided to confuse her fans. Together with classmates, she recorded a solo program with Brazilian motifs. Under the leadership of producer Mikhail Yasinsky, the girl developed the image of an incognito singer and appeared in dark glasses under the pseudonym Alicia Gorn, pretending to be an artist from the UK.

After several concerts, the girl as suddenly disappeared from the scene as she appeared. The project was financially successful, but quickly got bored with Loboda.

After the adventure, Svetlana went through a casting and got into the first Ukrainian musical called "Equator", staged at the Kiev Operetta Theater. The girl got the main role - the young savage Mirana. The project was large-scale - expensive scenery, special effects and spectacular video.


 Outside the group, Svetlana Loboda went headlong into solo swimming and began to conquer Moscow clubs. In 2004, she shot her first solo video, Black and White Winter. The girl was actively invited to television, for example, she hosted the musical television show “Shoumania” on the New Channel, and in 2007 she began to broadcast “Miss CIS”.

After leaving VIA Gra, she was intercepted by the already well-known producer Mikhail Yasinsky. “We must make you a sex bomb because you have such external data, energy, voice and motor skills that this is your image,” he summed up. The clip of the liberated artist was in demand. So, “I will forget you” won the competition for the best clips in Portugal, and they considered the video for the song “You Will Not Forget” on television so sensual that they removed it from rotation. The black-and-white video “Black Angel” came up with thoughts of female love, after which Loboda went on tour to Japan.

Svetlana Loboda prefers not to advertise the details of her personal life. It is known that she lived in a civil marriage with choreographer Andrei Tsar. April 11, 2011 the couple had a daughter Evangeline. By the way, Svetlana successfully concealed her pregnancy, as well as her relationship with Andrey, for a long time.

The secret was revealed only on the eve of childbirth. In the last weeks of pregnancy, when it was already impossible to hide the stomach, Loboda appeared at social events and openly demonstrated her interesting position. It is worth noting that Svetlana's pregnancy proceeded without complications, the singer led an active lifestyle, worked and even took part in various projects. Two weeks later, the singer was again on stage.

However, Svetlana Loboda showed her daughter only 4 years later - baby Evangelina and her star mom appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine. Shortly before that, in October 2014, Loboda broke up with the Tsar.


In 2019, Loboda was a mentor in the Russian show “Voice. Children". Mikella Abramova, daughter of Alsou , fell into her team . The final of the show was overshadowed by scandal: according to the results of the audience’s vote, Mikella unexpectedly pulled ahead, ahead of the obvious favorite, Maxim Yerzhan. Even then, many drew attention to the expression on Svetlana's face - she was clearly not happy about the victory of the ward.

After the showdown, the fact of cheating votes was revealed. A huge stain appeared on the reputation of the Alsou family. Loboda posted on Instagram photos of two other wards - Nino Chesner and Robert Bagratyan. There was a heart in the signature. But Mikella was not in the selection of photographs.

As a result, the results of the contest were canceled, and all the finalists (including Mikella) were recognized as winners. But Svetlana’s confidence in the children's Voice was lost, and she refused to participate further.

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