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Published At: 26 August 2020 , 07:37 PM

Name: Tony Watson

Date and place of birth: August 15, 2000, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Height Weight: 155 cm, 70 kg

Profession: Songwriter and performer

Family status: Single

Who is it

Tones and I is an Australian singer and songwriter. She rose to fame this February when she uploaded the song "Johnny Run Away" to Triple J Unearthed. Her unique voice, gentle and lyrical, and the fresh sound of the songs ensured the artist's success with the audience.

early years

Toni was born on the Mornington Peninsula near the Australian continent. "I have always sung in the shower to vent my rage," says the singer. She learned to sing and play the synthesizer and drums early on. The girl experimented with the sound at every opportunity: she tested the cymbals, played with sound effects, and pedals.

One day she was vacationing in a park in Frankston with the whole family; they started a song. "My aunt heard me singing and said, 'Oh, guys, she hits the notes," says Tony. According to her, this is the earliest memory associated with music. The girl was seven years old when someone first noted her musical ability.


February 2019, Monday. Tony describes the day as surprisingly festive: "Better than birthday and Christmas combined."

Tony uploaded the song "Johnny Run Away" to Triple J Unearthed and went for a walk with her friend, leaving her phone at home. When she came back and checked the phone, she said, "Oh my God, how funny! Everything went awry. "The girl watched other people gain popularity but did not seriously think that this would happen to her.

For 12 hours, the song played on Triple J. "I'm not a crybaby, but I was emotional. I can't believe you guys like the song. This is a dream. Unforgettable feelings. It means everything to me! "- Tony shares his impressions.

Tony later signed with Lemon Tree Music, who works with Tash Sultana and Maddy Jane. They have planned a massive tour in which Tony will appear as a street musician. "People love me for who I am. I don't want to change that. I want to hone my craft and grow as a performer. "


In 2018, Tony, tired of working in retail, decided to retrain as a street musician. She received permission to perform at Bourke Street in Melbourne and performed solo performances almost every day.

Soon, a friend invited the girl to perform in the coastal town of Byron Bay, from where her fame later began. "I took the car, a two-week vacation, and drove to Byron," says Tony. In the evening, immediately after the performance, a stranger approached her and handed her a business card, asking the girl to call back. "I waited a month, but in the end, I thought: what have I got to lose?" In the end, Tony quit her job and went to Byron Bay. Jackson — that was the stranger's name — was now one of her managers. Tony says the single "Johnny Run Away" should have been released back in 2018, but Jackson said "No", advising the girl to strengthen her fan base and work harder on perfecting her voice. Throughout the year, Tony wrote music daily and gave street performances on weekends. "I'm glad I took my time and released the song in 2019," Tony said.

The girl admits that this experience was right for her because she never learned to sing from the masters. "I quit my hated job and sang all day long, which made my voice come alive, and I found my style."

On May 10, 2019, Tony's new single "Dance Monkey" was released, which reached the top of the ARIA charts by August. And in September, the song conquered European listeners, climbing to first place in the maps of Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and other countries. In July, Tones and I released the song "Never Seen the Rain", and in August, the singer's debut EP "The Kids are Coming" was released, which hit the top three albums in Australia.

In May, Tony performed at the Pineapple Music Festival and headlined Splendour in the Grass, attracting a record audience in the festival's history.