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Published At: 02 November 2019 , 05:56 AM


Tony Routh (real name Anton, surname, presumably Basayev) is a vivid representative of the rap movement from the outskirts of the Northern capital, acting in the aggressive style of horrorcore, the “king of evil rap”, as he is called in the media.

His sharp reading with samples based on music from horror films and lyrics full of hate, but at the same time lively and sincere, attracts a huge number of fans of the genre.

The non-standard rap artist for performances and videos uses shocking images - scleral lenses that turn eyes into frightening eye sockets of monsters, the make-up of an evil clown reminiscent of the Joker from Batman films. A growing army of fans, she perceives his appearance with enthusiasm, and considers creativity a masterpiece. 


The future original rap musician was born on September 8, 1990 in Leningrad and became the second son in the family. His mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten and raised sons for a modest salary - his father left the family, and they lived hard.

From an early age, Anton was fascinated by the music of the horror punk band “King and the Jester”, rock bands “Alice” and “Gaza Strip”. Then he was impressed by the work of one of the most prominent hip-hop artists of all time - Tupac Shakur . Together with his brother, he began to collect his albums, and at 10 he already tried to rap himself, recording it on an old tape recorder. The rapper's first alias is Ant'One.

After graduating from school, the young man continued his education at the Automobile and Electromechanical College (ATEMK), but from the last year he was expelled for poor performance. He could not successfully complete his studies at St. Petersburg State University, where he entered after expulsion. 


The young Petersburger entered the underground scene when he, under the pseudonym Tony Routh, posted his first works on the Internet - unusual, impudent, vital and emotional. He chose the name in it, obviously, as a derivative of his real name, and the word "rout", recall, means "solemn reception."

In 2009, together with his friend Harry Topor, he began performing in clubs, took part in the battle project InDaBattle, demonstrating a bright personality and his original vision of the genre. He did not succeed in reaching the final, he lost to Sight MC (Alexander Evsyukov), but he declared himself and won the recognition of hundreds of rap fans.

In 2010, the rapper's first mixtape called “Antape” was released, which included 17 songs. His colleagues and friends took part in the recording of a number of compositions: “They Won't Understand” (ft. Franky Freak), “I'm Flattered” (ft. Jubilee), “Hare Paws” (ft. Hammad Toure, Harry Ax), “Under Us Berlin ”(ft. Twin Vi, Franky Freak, Harry Ax).

“The tracks, ironic and full of personal experiences, were distinguished by a strong presentation, technical readings and were received with interest by the community of rap lovers. The track “Sweet Dreams” and Anton’s song “The Circus Left, Clowns Remained” won joint approval with Sadist (Victor Geviksman)”.

In 2011, the rapper delighted fans with the South Trap music video, created with Franky Freak. The next year is considered a breakthrough in the work of an extraordinary artist, thanks to the release of new sensational compositions and video works, among which Ikar, 300 and Grim were especially highlighted. A talented musician came up with a stunning image of an evil character from horror films, made him part of his own personality.

A year later, he won the duel in Versus Battle with Misha H1GH (Mikhail Klyuchka). The organizers decided not to post it on the Web - allegedly because both participants often forgot their text.

In 2013, the presentation of the musician's debut album, entitled “Routville”, was also held. In its composition, he included 20 compositions, made traditionally in aggressive style.

In 2014, friends released a joint album, Country Os, containing 14 tracks. The “Danny Trejo”, dedicated to the famous Hollywood actor from Robert Rodriguez’s films, “Interlocutor”, which surprised the audience with the format of the discussion with God, “Quantum Leap”, where they appeared in the classic “executioner - victim” tandem, was shot in a kind and effective clips.

Fans of the duet everywhere sang “A man said - a man did”, admired the parody “Vampire Ball”, where they were provided with a meeting with famous movie villains: with maniac Freddy Krueger, with the villain Joker, with the hero of the comedy horror movie “Scream”. They also demonstrated a high level of performing skills at a joint concert in Minsk, where the audience went on a rampage and went into the gap, and literally carried the stage away from energy and powerful delivery.

The next year was marked by many touring trips, as well as the emergence of the later cult song “On the Way to Valhalla” based on the German-Scandinavian epic (as you know, Valhalla is a heavenly chamber for fallen soldiers). Incendiary mood was presented by Tony with the compositions “Searchlight” and “Troposphere” (with the participation of Vit). He spent in 2015, which he called the “year of tour”, about fifty concerts.

A year later, the second SUSPENSE record of a Petersburger appeared in a gloomy atmosphere, in which, he said, he put “his whole soul and a lot of nerves spent”. Her tracklist included 17 songs, including “The Good Clown, the Dead Clown”, as well as “Badman”, “The World of the Color of the Ashes”, “Routville II”. 


 The private details of the rapper are kept in strict confidence, intriguing fans. Rumor has it that he has a close friend named Catherine. Her Instagram allegedly suspiciously a lot of photos with Anton. However, who she is - just a friend, bride or wife - is not clear.

In his free time, the young man reads a lot, loves sports and visits the gym, noting half-jokingly and half-seriously, which supports the physical form acquired in his youth in street fights.

He leads the video blog “Secular Route”, where he shares events taking place during the tour. 


The rapper continues to successfully tour, write and perform harsh and sinister music.

In 2017, together with the “2rbina 2rista” collective, he recorded a vivid video “Matsay”, together with Ax and PLC - the composition “Aspirin”, included in Harry’s album “The Man in the Black Gauntlets”.

In partnership with Ukrainian rap musician Talibal (Fadi Azima), he presented the new album “Bad Pazific” of eleven tracks, among them - “Gods came down from heaven” with elements of eroguro, “Dance on the bones”, “KalashnikoFF”, “Vendetta” . In addition, the Bloody Mary joint work with the Taliban was released in November, claiming to occupy a popular dance niche.

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