Top 7 products to help keep you young and beautiful

Published At: 30 March 2020 , 12:47 PM

The most common cause of body aging is the accumulation of damage in cells that cause us free radicals - molecules that lack one or more electrons and which steal these electrons from healthy bits of the body. As a result, wrinkles appear on the skin, vision deteriorates, varicose veins occur, and chronic diseases develop. 

Top 7 products that will keep your body young and counteract the effects of free radicals: 

Cruciferous vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables include white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, arugula, asparagus, horseradish, radish, turnips, radishes, Beijing cabbage, watercress. 

To preserve the beneficial properties of these vegetables, prepare them as follows: 

not more than 5-10 minutes in the boiler; 

simmer for 3-5 minutes; 

wait 10-15 minutes


Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries are champions in the content of antioxidants that protect the body's cells from the adverse effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.

In the cold season, look for frozen berries. Freezing helps to keep all the useful components of the seed.

It is better to eat berries as a first snack or 15 minutes before dinner. Ideal serving size - 250 g 

Spices (cloves, cinnamon, turmeric).

Turmeric nutritionists are especially fond of. That's why: 

Turmeric slows down the aging process of the body; 

helps to eliminate excess cholesterol - which is an excellent prevention of strokes and heart attacks;

kills cancer cells. According to the University of Texas Cancer Research Center, curcumin has a unique ability to penetrate cancer cells and modify their DNA, leading to cell death. He does not touch healthy cells;

reduces the carcinogenicity of tobacco smoke, weakens its negative effect on the intestines, lungs, and the whole body. Therefore, if someone in your family has a bad habit of smoking, this supplement will not hurt.

Nuts and seeds, especially almonds

A tremendous second snack option. It contains Vitamin E, has an antioxidant effect. Nuts not only delay the aging process of the skin but also protect against ultraviolet rays.

A variety of nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin, sesame, walnut oil, improve metabolic processes in the skin, and provide the necessary nutrients that lengthen its youth. Mainly effective oils work in conjunction with vegetables and herbs.

White marine fish

Our skin loves fat products. The youth menu should necessarily include foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Having antioxidant properties, they do not allow free radicals to damage cells, which plays a significant role in preventing skin aging and the body as a whole. Omega 3s also prevent excessive skin dryness and dermatitis. White marine fish are a great source of these fatty acids.

If you like salted fish, it's best to salt it yourself. This way, you control the amount of salt and be sure of the quality of the dish.

flax seeds

Flax seeds, rich in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, are incredibly beneficial for the body. They are often used to prevent various diseases and also used in treatment. We figured out what the benefits and harms of flax seeds are for the body.

What is the treatment for flaxseed in the daily diet? This is a question many supporters of traditional medicine ask when they hear about the miraculous properties of a unique element. The particular composition of flaxseed, namely the increased content of Omega-3 fatty acids and lignans in it - natural hormones that block the action of bad estrogens that cause breast cancer, has long identified this nutritional supplement as the most necessary for the body.

kiwi fruit

I'm sure many have loved this fruit since childhood. Kiwi attracts not only its appearance but also its beneficial components: it contains many antioxidants, vitamins C, K, E, and is also a source of fiber. Why should it be added to your daily diet? If you still think that the most significant source of vitamin C is lemons and oranges, you probably haven't gotten acquainted with the superpower of kiwi. The thing is, 100g of the fruit contains 92.7mg of vitamin C (which is almost double that of lemons and oranges). Yes, kiwi is an excellent option for breakfast, light lunch, or snack. Fiber, glucose, and fructose, which are also rich in fruit, can fill you with energy, give you a feeling of satiety without the extra calories. By the way, to normalize weight and lose a few pounds, nutritionists recommend eating one fruit every 30 minutes. After eating, or even arranging discharge days based on kiwi.