Valeria Lukyanova - biography, personal life

Published At: 24 August 2020 , 07:40 PM

Career: model

Date of Birth: August 23, 1985, Virgo

Who was born on this day?

Age: 35 years

Place of Birth: Tiraspol, Moldova

Growth: 170

Family status: married


Valeria Lukyanova, seemingly the most ordinary girl, was born in Tiraspol, on August 23, 1985. What distinguishes her from others is that she is the most real copy of a Barbie doll.

From childhood, Lera looked like an angel: beautiful dresses, wide bows adorned the girl's whitish hair. Along with the regular school, Valeria attended music lessons. She enjoyed singing and writing her songs.

Another daughter, Olga, grew up in the family of Irina and Valery Lukyanov. After the parents divorced, the mother remarried and took the name of Pashkeev. From her second marriage, Irina has a son, Ivan, the half-brother of Lera and Olya.

In her younger years, the girl tried to study at one of the Odessa universities - OSAGA, which she entered in 2002. But because Valeria loved large parties in which they were engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages, the girl did not manage to complete her education.

Her lifestyle in this period can be described as finding herself. According to beauty, she always wondered: why does she live, what is life's purpose? She was never attracted to the life of an ordinary person. And now Valeria is a staunch supporter of the childfree lifestyle (unwillingness to have children).


Everything changed dramatically when Valeria in 2002 posted her photos on the Internet, which made a splash in public. With the help of skillfully applied makeup, the girl looked like the favorite of all children - a Barbie doll. Valeria liked this very much, and since then, she tirelessly began to improve her image. The beauty has a whole army of fans, for whom she posts her photos on her pages on Instagram and Vkontakte.

Valeria Lukyanova has been pursuing her goal for a decade. In 2007 she won the Miss Ukraine beauty contest, where she received the diamond crown. But she became a real sensation in 2012 when information about a Barbie from Odessa appeared in the Western media.

At that time, the video with Valeria Lukyanova on YouTube was watched by more than 50 million viewers. By this time, the girl herself had secured the title of not so much a Barbie girl, but rather an alien under the nickname Amatue.

Personal life

A true revolution in Valeria's biography was her acquaintance at the age of 16 with her future husband, Dmitry Shkrabov, who is eight years older than her. A wealthy Ukrainian businessman soon proposed to such a fragile and unusual girl. They played their wedding in a circle of close people and then flew away on a trip. For how many years, the couple has been inseparable.

With her husband, Dmitry Valeria traveled all over the world. They are the proud owners of an expensive mansion. In all joint pictures, young people always hug. Valeria's personal life has developed happily. The spouse supports all the initiatives of the wife and finances all of her ventures.

Latest events

Valeria Lukyanova, in addition to admiration, causes anger in some people. To such an extent that one day in the fall of 2014, hooligans attacked her near the entrance and beat her. The young people hit the girl on the head, on the jaw, and smashed her lip.

According to Valeria, one of them had already begun to choke her, but at that moment, a neighbor who accidentally came out frightened off the criminals. An ambulance was called for the girl and was admitted to the hospital for some time. Many pictures of the beaten and bandaged Valeria Lukyanova have appeared on the Internet. In 2016, Valeria Lukyanova again surprised her fans with a photoshoot. But the photographs are no longer just a feminine person, but a truly pumped bodybuilder. Valeria's muscle relief is striking in its beauty. It can be seen that the girl has already reached a professional level in her physical fitness. But many of her admirers did not like the new image of the heroine. They are used to seeing Lera as a fragile creature that needs protection.

In addition to spiritual and physical improvement, Valeria is engaged in singing and has already released several collections of her songs. The girl works in the New Age style.