Valery Meladze - biography, personal life

Published At: 22 August 2020 , 05:59 PM

Career: singer

Date of Birth: June 23, 1965

Age: 55 years

Place of Birth: Batumi, USSR

Growth: 183

Family status: married


Valery Meladze is a Soviet and Russian singer, TV presenter and producer of Georgian origin. He is one of the most famous pop performers in the post-Soviet space and the owner of many prestigious awards and prizes. Valery has a rare voice of a wide range and timbre. The celebrity performs compositions in a particularly passionate and expressive way, conveying all the songs' emotionality to the listeners.

Childhood and youth

Valery Meladze was born on June 23, 1965, in a small village near Batumi. Interestingly, the name Valerian was recorded in the boy's metric. It happened through the fault of the registry office employee. She assured that this is precisely the full name that the parents chose.

The Black Sea, warm sun and salty wind - one could only dream of such a childhood. Valery grew up as a naughty and restless child, who was much more pleasant to wander the streets than to sit at school. Along with his friends, the boy always became a participant in incidents and got into places where children were not allowed to enter: construction sites, basements, barges, and ships.

Once Valery climbed into the territory of the Batumi oil refinery. There he found a broken tractor. At that time, the boy was fond of electronics and wanted to assemble an ohmmeter, removed a couple of parts from the tractor.

Personal life

The personal life of Valery Meladze has long been associated with his wife, Irina, who gave birth to three daughters to the musician. The acquaintance took place in early youth, in the 3rd year of the institute. The wedding was played while still students. The holiday was celebrated in Georgia, with 250 guests.

A few months later, Irina gave birth to her first child. At that time, Valery was a way - he was not present at the birth. The child started having health problems from the first days. The boy lived only ten days. Irina did not have the strength to bury her son herself. Valery did it. The wound from the loss of the first child remained with the spouses for life.

Nevertheless, soon children's laughter sounded in the Meladze family: in 1991, a daughter, Inga, was born. Later, two other heiresses were born, Sophia and Arina.

In the early 2000s, the previously happy union cracked, and in 2009 Irina and Valery decided to divorce.

Valery Meladze and his parents

The divorce is banal - Meladze had an affair with ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group Albina Dzhanabaeva. For a long eight years, the couple did not dare to put the last point in the relationship - they took care of their daughters' feelings. Despite this, Valery already spent most of his time with his second family. Immediately after the divorce proceedings with Irina in 2014, Valery was married to Albina.

In 2004, Dzhanabaeva gave the singer a son, Konstantin. Close people from the star couple's entourage argue that the relationship between Valery and Albina is far from ideal, periodically there are rumors that the couple broke up. What exactly is meant by "imperfection" is unclear. In 2014, Albina gave birth to the musician for his fifth child, his son Luka.

Albina and Valery are considered one of the most private couples in Russian show business. They rarely appear at events together. Perhaps this is because not everyone approved of his betrayal of his wife Irina Meladze and the birth of an illegitimate son.

Valery Meladze and his ex-wife Irina

Anyway, in 2011 there was an unpleasant incident related to photography. Photojournalist "Komsomolskaya Pravda" tried to capture the artist and Dzhanabaeva at the restaurant's exit, to which Meladze reacted aggressively. The man chased the photographer while she fell and wanted to take the camera away. A criminal case was opened against Valery, which was later terminated by the magistrate.

The artists do not like to spread, especially about their family, but sometimes in interviews, they still open the secrecy veil. So, Meladze told about Luka. According to the musician, the boy is already developing a strong character, as the baby confidently overcomes difficulties and problems. According to the performer, if the son falls, he never cries.

According to the celebrity, so far, none of the sons has shown the ability to be creative. Perhaps Luka is too young, but the elder Kostya is inclined towards exact sciences. Valery suggests that in the future, he will become an inventor or engineer.

The artist admitted that sometimes he is a strict father. At certain moments, Meladze talks with children on an equal footing brings them information that he considers essential and useful. At the same time, the singer admitted that he is trying to be kind and considerate.

The beginning of a creative career

Valery and Konstantin Meladze began their musical careers in the amateur arts of the institute. So they got into the "April" ensemble. A few months later, it wasn't easy to imagine a group without the Meladze brothers. The popularity of the team soon went beyond the framework of both the university and the city.

In 1989, the talented brothers were invited to the Dialogue group. Team leader Kim Breitburg noted that Valery's voice is similar to the voice of John Anderson from Yes. Together with "Dialogue," two albums were released.

And in 1993, Meladze made his solo debut at the Roksolana festival in Kyiv. Valery's first hit was the song "Don't disturb my soul, violin." His brother Konstantin became the composer and author of the words of the romance. After the video's premiere for this composition in the cult program "Morning Mail ", the singer woke up famous.