Yulia savicheva - biography, personal life, news

Published At: 19 August 2020 , 08:55 PM


Career: singer

Date of Birth: February 14, 1987

Age: 33 years

Place of Birth: Kurgan, Russia

Growth: 157

Family status: married



Yulia Savicheva is a Russian singer, finalist of the second season of the Star Factory TV show, participant of the Eurovision Song Contest (2004).

Today, the artist rarely flickers on the screens. Still, the lack of active, creative activity did not prevent Julia from becoming the leader in the number of hits in the top ten of the Tophet Weekly General Airplay rating. For several years their number has reached 14.

Childhood and youth

Julia Stanislavovna Savicheva was born in the provincial Russian city of Kurgan in 1987. Interestingly, the appearance of Yulia fell on February 14 - Valentine's Day. It was written for the girl to connect her life with the world of music.

And the girl more than once went on stage with the group where dad played.

Yulia's father was also invited. In Moscow, "Konvoy" settled in the House of Culture of the "Moscow Aviation Institute." The girl's mother also found work there: she was in charge of the children's department at the MAI recreation center.

It was here that she earned her first royalties. We can say that during this period, the creative biography of Yulia Savicheva began. In addition to participating in amateur performances, Julia managed to study well.

For a certain time, Savicheva also collaborated with the singer Linda. Together with the popular singer, young Julia starred in the video for the song "Marijuana." At the age of 8, Julia worked with Linda on children's backing vocals and participated in the filming of music videos. Gradually, she becomes no less popular than Linda, and the young performer's songs reach the top of the Russian charts.


And although Savicheva did not enter the top three, after the show project, her life changed, her career went up. In the future, it is this musical television project to support young performers that will play a decisive role in her fate.

At the "Star Factory," the young singer sang "Ships" and "Vysoko." These compositions and the next song "Sorry for Love" instantly turned into hits, making Yulia Savicheva popular. The singer performed with the last song at the "Song of the Year" in 2003. Quite often, Julia is called the best pupil of producer Max Fadeev, and fans are delighted with her calm and melancholic image. The girl quickly wins the sympathy of viewers.

In 2004, Savicheva went international. First, she represented Russia at the World Best competition, where she took 8th place, and in May of the same year, she performed at the Eurovision Song Contest from Russia with the English-language song Believe me. The singer took only 11th place, but Julia was still able to light up again.

Many critics attributed such a defeat to the performer's lack of experience in participating in large-scale, world-class competitions and elementary musical education. Still, the statements of ill-wishers did not stop her. Julia was not embarrassed by conversations about creative activity, and on stage, she began to realize herself more and more, trying to achieve successful results. The same year gave Savicheva's fans her debut album entitled Vysoko, which included the tracks Ships, Let Me Go, Farewell, My Love, Everything for You. In the future, the albums of the Russian singer become more and more popular.

In the fall of 2005, a new hit appeared - the soundtrack of the series "Don't Be Born Beautiful," called "If Love Lives in the Heart." The song hit the Golden Gramophone hit parade and received many awards in the Kremlin, at the tenth-anniversary ceremony.

For the new popular song "Hello" in April 2006, Savicheva's second album "Magnet" was released. Like the first, he was well-received by critics and fans and even became a bestseller in 2006. "Hello" held out in the first place of the radio hit for a record ten weeks.

Yulia Savicheva works fruitfully, and in the same 2006, she is preparing a new, already third album. And in September, she won the MTV Russia Music Awards (category "Performer of the Year"). The third album, "Origami," was presented by the singer on her 21st birthday. The collection includes popular songs, "Winter," "Love-Moscow," and "Nuclear Explosion."

Personal life

In 2009, it became known that the singer has not been alone for a long time and has been living in a civil marriage for several years with the famous producer Alexander Arshinov. And despite rumors about the novel by Savicheva and the popular TV presenter Dmitry Borisov, Arshinov still becomes the singer's husband. The guests arrived at the solemn event along the carpet, falling under the flashes of many TV cameras, and the newlyweds themselves did not even notice that they would appear in the hall later.

In 2016, Savicheva's fans sounded the alarm. For a long time, the famous performer did not appear on stage, did not perform at concerts, and did not participate in television projects. The press immediately began to look for the root cause due to which the singer "disappeared." Many have suggested that the famous Russian woman is pregnant.