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Published At: 27 October 2019 , 05:55 PM


 Julia Zivert (Zivert) - Russian singer, performer of the hits "Chuck", "Anesthesia" and "Life".


Julia Dmitrievna Zivert (real name Sytnik) was born on November 28, 1990. Numerous talents of the girl began to appear even in early childhood - Julia always felt like a star, and her main fans were parents, grandparents.

However, the path to fame was not so simple. Julia's first serious work was the work of a flight attendant. In 2010-2012, the girl worked in the fourth, “elite” division of Aeroflot, where flight attendants with good looks and excellent data fall. Since 2012, the girl for several years was considered a stewardess-freelance in business aviation. The girl worked for various airlines and at the same time improved her qualifications at the Jet Service training center for aviation personnel.

Julia admits that in her teens and years of work in aviation, she led a not-so-healthy lifestyle. After severe poisoning, the girl thought about quitting smoking and drinking alcohol forever. “My current life will directly affect my future kids ... and as I had not thought about it before ...”, Sievert shared with subscribers. 


In the summer of 2016, Julia Sytnik took part in a vocal competition. Her close people were near the moment of the performance, which helped the beauty to win the first small stage victory. Successful performance allowed Julia to seriously think about the singer's career. In the autumn of the same year, Sievert began to work intensively in the Moscow vocal studio Vocal Mix, whose teachers she is immensely grateful to this day. At the same time, Julia decided to change her real name to Sievert, which is much more suitable for the scene. Now it is this name that appears on the singer’s passport.

The first hit of Julia was the song "Chuck", which she presented in April 2017. The song was an overwhelming success, and dozens of cover versions instantly appeared on the Internet. In early summer, the first video of the singer, shot on a quadrocopter, was released. In the flashmob clip for the song "Chuck" everyone took part, who responded to Julia’s post on Instagram. The "chip" of the clip were masks with the face of American actor Chuck Norris , which were distributed to the filmmakers. Easy, summer, funny clip scored more than 600 thousand views.

In the fall of 2017, the singer presented her second song "Anesthesia", which was followed by a clip. The director of the video was Maria Skobeleva, known for collaborating with American artists Tyga and Travis Scott. Success was not long in coming, and soon the beginning singer received an offer to join the label “First Music Publishing House”, based on which Feduk , Monatik, Nyusha , Dima Bilan , Eva Polna , IOWA, Ivan Dorn, Bianca , Rita Dakota and many other performers work .

On the eve of the celebration of the new year 2018, Yulia Zivert appeared on Andrei Malakhov ’s live show, performing the song “Wind of Changes” in memory of those killed in a plane crash near Sochi. 

On June 5, 2018, Sievert presented a video for the song “I Want More”, and a few months later, fans were able to enjoy a funny video for the song “Green Waves”, stylized as the atmosphere of the 80s. “Vintage is the love of my life. For me, the end of the 80s - the beginning of the 90s - this is the most stylish time both in music and in fashion ... ”, the singer shared. Soon, Julia presented her debut mini-album “Shine”, which included 4 “biting vintage” compositions.

In September 2018, the singer introduced the audience to her album as part of a short tour in the cities of Russia and Belarus. The girl went on her next tour within a month, significantly expanding geography: now Sievert could hear music live not only in central Russia, but also in the South, as well as in the Far East. 


 Until mid-2017, Julia Sievert's social networks were full of photos with a young attractive man named Eugene. Fans suggest that young people started dating at least in 2015, although their first joint photo appeared many months later. Lovers often traveled, and Julia did not get tired of delighting fans with bright, cheerful photos.

In the fall of 2017, the joint pictures disappeared from the blog of Julia and Zhenya. Fans are sure that everything is still good in the pair, and such caution is associated only with the increasing popularity of the singer. 

On the body of the singer there are several tattoos. The first is on the shoulder blade: palm trees, sea waves and sunset are depicted on it; another tattoo on the left collarbone says “Thank you.” The neck of Julia is decorated with stars of different sizes, another tattoo can be seen on his left hand.


In early 2019, Julia Sievert made her way to the top of Apple Music and iTunes with her fresh track “Life”. The song took 8th place in terms of the number of streams in Apple Music and 5th in terms of the number of purchases in iTunes.

On February 9, 2019, Julia Sievert performed at the Big Love Show !, one of the most significant musical events in Russia. Participation in the flagship project Love Radio was an important step in the career of Julia. “For me, as a young artist, it is a great honor,” the singer shared on Instagram.

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