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724148 - Agust D Lyrics

Not many years passed
Since I joked I was going to do music
The best place you'd end up is at the music academy
When you do music in Daegu
The thought of "I'll be the principal" pissed me off
This is my one and only life so whatever it may be,
I should try becoming the No.1 for once
I couldn't reach No.1 with studies
But I thought I could with music
8 out of 10 people around me go
"That ass****'s doing his s*** again"
Look closely ass****s, you guys are losing again
Anyway I thought I should leave Daegu
If I were to do music with more style uh
Shaved head high schooler stands
In front of the audition posters with brave footsteps
It's the rapping competition organized by Bang Sihyuk
Bang Sihyuk is that guy
Who worked with that Baek Jiyoung that-
Hyungnim, isn't that the guy who wrote
"Like being shot by a gun"
So that's how I entered the competition
With my crew hyungsThey said we should pass the preliminary round first
To reach the final round
Ok that's easy peasy
The beat they gave us to rap,
I changed the entire thing
I started re-arranging the beatsLook at this, who would do this
If you were me, would you do this?Listen, which company would, huh?
Say no to this genius
In the company's view, yo, they've hit the jackpot
Hazy belief, that is the base of my success
I'm saying this now because it's a past
But the next day after preliminary round
I got a call from area code 02I entered Seoul on 2010 November 7th
There's nothing much about Gangnam,
The confidence of Daegu hillbilly
Coolly, I ate my dinner out
what the fuck my eyes spun when I saw the bill
My one month allowance was merely 30 shit
I knew this wasn't anything close to enough
So I started working early morning part time jobs uh
This always affected my school arriving time uh
When I go to school,
All of them are from wealthy families
They waste more money
Than my one month allowance on liquor
And what? What? They pretend they got no money
Shut the fuck up ass***e
Shut your bloody mouthNeed of success?
No I'm just in need of money
I've forgotten about being stylish
Practicing at night and part timing early morning
Dragging my exhausted body to school,
I end up sleeping
I turn 20
And the scene of our graduation hall is crap
Those ass****s who gamble all night?
They've here in their foreign brand cars,
Well that makes me quite jealous, envious
I knew the world was unfair
But there's someone living
In a 15 pyeong two room with 10 people
When there's someone driving a foreign brand car
Right after graduatingOk ok ok watch closely
Leave your doubtful comments about whether I'd debut
Watch me after a year ass****, look at what I'll be doing
You would see me on TV and then decide to contact me

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